Problems with in consistent pitch

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by IJK, Oct 12, 2007.

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    I have a player who would like some advise from people I have given him my views and I was wondering if any one had any tips to help him

    Sometimes i can seem to hit any note no matter how high and then for no apparent reason i'll go into a period where i struggle on the high notes (which is what i've been doing for the last two rehearsals).I know that i will snap out of it and get my high notes back soon but i need to be more consistent and could do with a few tips.

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    I have had similar problems in the past - also with stamina. I have found that my warm-up is the key. When you're going through a bad patch for pitching and stamina the temptation is to not warm up too much for fear of tiring your lip - when really that is exactly what you need. It might be worth a thought. Other people might be able to offer good warm-up advice but I tend to play loud low nasty notes for 5 minutes or so then move onto lip slurs!
  3. horton543

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    Over working your chops

    Sounds like you may be overworking your chops. Try shortening your practices in between rehearsals. Or, take a day off here and there. Intonation and tone go quickly when you stress out your chops.
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    I have the same problems with inconsistent higher register. I like tpcornet find that warming up properly - long notes in lower register for a few mins then a few slurs - really really helps. AND, the more air I put through when trying to get up there, the easier the notes come out and they sound cleaner too.
    Try some arban excercises - i go for the chromatics to get my fingers moving too and try a crescendo higher up the scale you go and diminuendo coming back down.
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    I like you too ;)

    Just saw the other post and would agree it's important to rest properly. Don't know how the music students manage though!

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