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    Hi all...sorry if this is posted in the wrong place..could someone please help me with a few problems ive been having..and info at all would be great...

    1) my bach strad trumpet has been playing fine, until now...on two notes (specifically 1st line E and second space A), they seem not to be centring properly at all...sometimes they are ok, sometime it feels like the slot is a bit wide, something the note doesn't centre and sometimes a really horrible sound comes out similar to the sound you make when the valve is placed in the wrong way (i checked this last one and it isnt the problem)

    this seems such an odd thing..has anyone experienced this? please help

    2) i bought a new cornet (pro model courtois) the other day and was running a cloth through the 1st valve casing when it snagged... i didnt think much of this and when to put the valve didnt go all the way in, so i tried placing the valve into the bottom of the casing and push it up the other way...OH NO, the valve seized and it took a bit of twisting and more force than i usually adopt to pull the valve out again..there were scratches on the valve and sure enough, as was my suspicion, a tiny sliver of metal was sticking out from the edge of one of the ports...the valve seems to work fine now (it goes up and down fine) however i'm worry this could affect the blowing of the horn.. could this accident cause leaking of the valves or anything? please help, im very worried...

    thanks again
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    can anybody help?
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    Item 1): No idea; possibly an air leak somewhere? take it to a qualified brass instrument repair specialist.

    Item 2): take it back to the dealer.
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    Seems to be a "characteristic" of some bach trumpets, mine behaves the same. I have to use 1st valve trigger on 1st Line E's and 2nd Space A's, they are both very sharp notes.

    Take your cornet back to the dealer or to a repair shop, try First Class Brass if you can. They are, eh first class!