Problem with parts in 'A Little Light Music' 3rd Sec Scottish Test Piece

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jnr., Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Jnr.

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    Playing through the test piece, we've found that some parts where the cornet and trombones are meant to be muted slightly confusing.

    In the 3rd movement we are to play with tin mutes. This is no problem up until bar 163.

    Bar 163 says 'mute in' followed by 3 bars rest, after the 3 bars rest we reach 'Morendo' where we play for 3 bars (presumably with tin mute in?). However, bar 4 of 'Morendo' then says to play the rest of the piece with 'tin mutes' in. Should the mute not be in at this point?

    Does this mean we are to play the previous 3 bars ('Morendo') with a tin mute? or is the initial 'mute in' mark supposed to warn us so that the mute can be put in quickly as we play the 4th bar of 'Morendo' because there are no bars rest to place one in?

    Anyone else have the same problem?

    Please let me know if this doesn't make sense
  2. Hi Jnr. I would need to see the part but I would guess an erratum will be out soon to clear this up. If not, drop Philip Wilby an email.
  3. Jnr.

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    I'll try and get a photo up somehow to clear it up
  4. Good lad, cheers
  5. PlayerPete

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    According to my score the trombones are playing with tin mutes from the start of the 3rd movement - the Lady of the Fountain. The score is marked as "Mute out" at bar 119 - the repeat. The score has no more mute instructions until bar 163 when 2nd and Bass trombone put tin mutes in again. The same instruction is given to 1st trom 4 bars later in bar 167 - Morendo. Mutes out 4 bars before the end of the movement at bar 177.

    Does that clear it up?
  6. Jnr.

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  7. PlayerPete

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    You are right - it is a bit confusing.

    I still think you play the bars before the Morendo with mute. It may be a mistake in printing - the 1st trom enters the Morendo Muted and this may have just been copied to 2nd and Bass trom. Could you really put the mute in so quickly if not??
  8. Spaniels Ears

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    I would say 167 till the last note is muted
  9. delboy822

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    Been in touch with Kirklees yesterday and they got back and said they will be issuing an errata to Kapitol this week and they will post these on the web site and also to each regional secretary soon.

    Hopefully it won't change things too much, but will be nice to have various bits and pieces clarified...
  10. PlayerPete

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    Has everyone got the message about tin mutes? I went to the ABBA workshop where it was pointed out that a tin mute is a Harmon mute without the tube. We have been rehearsing like that and I really like the dark sound. Last week in the Bandsman it was stated that Phil Wilby wanted straight tin mutes when he wrote the piece.

    I hope the errata is specific as there are lots of little queries throughout.

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