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  1. hellraiser

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    another quick survey

    at your band for how many rehearsals must a player not turn up before action is taken?

    How do you deal with players not turning up for a few rehearsals without explanation? I appreciate that every situation is different.

    My personal opinion is that people who have not attended sufficient rehearsals should not get to perform with the band on stage.
  2. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Bit harsh.... you could end up with no band doing that.

    I guess this would depend on the section of the band though and how they want to be run... but either way, it's someones hobbie.... I wouldn't dream of taking it away from them (and over something so petty as well)....

    There's problem players.... and there's problem players.....
    People will get to band as and when they can... if work or something is in the way, that can't be helped....

    I'd see a problem player as someone who interferes with rehearsals and doesn't like to be told he or she is wrong... get snappy in rehearsals with the MD, or fellow players... wont co-operate... etc.... *that* is when you take action..... but attendance.... I'd be a bit more flexible. Can't be helped at times...

    At the end of the day, you're not gonna get a full band at rehearsal sometimes, but you have to continue with the team you have got... especially if there's no explanation from the odd person as to why they havent attended.... there's nowt you can do; and no point in showing any anger in front of the band (especially if you're the MD)... !!!
    Just get on with it.
    If the players in question are just lazy, got CBA or just dont enjoy it.... then I'm sure they'll resign in good time....

    This is just my personal opinion, of course..... ;)
  3. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Haven't we had this discussion before? I seem to remember a very often agressive and angry discussion by Hellraiser not so long since.

    As Naomi says, a lot depends on circumstances. If there are good reasons for people not turning up and if the people involved inform the band in whatever way the band use for such things, there is no problem. She's also got it right about if a person is unhappy in a band. An unhappy person will eventually leave, hopefully without doing the band damage and the band will carry on.

    If the person(s) concerned cause trouble for the band, teddy throwing and so on, then the band may be forced to take steps. I would have thought that kind of thing was rare, though. At the end of the day it's a hobby. Normal people (sorry, but I have a very wide definition of normal) don't go out of their way to make themselves unhappy.

    Just my thoughts.
  4. hellraiser

    hellraiser Member

    I'm surprised at your response.

    It's also the hobby of the rest of the band, which is being made less fun when some individuals never turn up putting people who run the band in a difficult situation.

    I don't see why you say you could end up with no band. Many loyal and committed band members would welcome this kind of policy. Often people who don't attend rehearsals hold bands back because the band can't progress properly to learn new and challenging music because these individuals will be severely under-rehearsed compared to everyone else thus bringing the standard down and ruining the good work and preparation of others.

    The fact is, playing in any kind of brass band brings with it a certain level of commitment. I don't see anything wrong in bands setting a minimum level of what they find tolerable because unfortunately the lack of commitment from a small minority can spoil the enjoyment of the many.
  5. Craigsav83

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    Yeah, like Naomi and Mike - I feel that is a bit harsh. Since the areas in March, I have been made 1 rehearsal out of 12. Due do circumstances out of my control, illness and the fact that public transport is expensive and not as good as it could be, i have had to miss rehearsals.

    Bands need to realise that players are hard enough to come by without chasing them away for missing a fe rehearsals.

    Wouldn't it be fantastic for every player to make every rehearsal? Sorry - but that just aint gonna happen. Its something we have to live with.
  6. hellraiser

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    Sure, but I'm talking about people who miss rehearsals without explanation. Being a member of a band is not like being a member of a golf club in that you can't really pick and choose when you want to play. It's a commitment.

    If individuals don't turn up to 90% of rehearsals and are not in practice and don't know the parts then in my opinion they shouldn't expect therefore to be able to perform with a band... unless they're a pro or a superstar which these individuals rarely are!
  7. hellraiser

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    I'm glad I'm not in your band. 1 out of 12 I find to be quite unacceptable... no band wants that! If I was them I'd find a replacement for you.

    I'd never expect every member to turn up everytime. It's difficult to define an acceptable attendance but missing majority of rehearsals is poor I'd say.

    I wouldn't join a band if I felt I was unable to make an acceptable commitment- it's just not fair on the band. I have also left bands if I find the journey to and from band to be too difficult/long/whatever instead of staying on and attending less rehearsals.
  8. The_Fat_Ref

    The_Fat_Ref New Member

    I disagree with this. I have been thrown out of a couple of bands because I didn't turn up due to work and so forth. I felt very annoyed by this, as when i started, I never said I would make every rehearsal. In fact, most were bands who had advertised for new players, so I went along for a blow. They never say they want players to commit to the band, yet they always criticise a player if he doesn't turn up, and expect you at every rehearsal after you have been to one.

    At the end of the day, a band should be fun. Playing a duet, or with a full band, surely more than one player is better than solo?
  9. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Ah now... this is different.... just because people miss rehearsals, doesnt mean that they are out of practice. I play daily, but find rehearsals difficult to attend - so I am most certainly not out of practice.

    I do however appreciate that this is not always the case....
  10. hellraiser

    hellraiser Member

    It's all about priorities- do you want to play in a band? Then you must realise by now that it requires a level of commitment. I am stunned to hear you complain! Put yourself in their shoes and consider how you'd feel.

    If you want to play music as and when you choose then I suggest you take up the piano.
  11. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Righty... before this goes out of hand...

    I was offered a seat in a top champion section band at Christmas, which I politly declined because I could not give the commitment I feel was required at that level. I play in a third section band at the moment who are extremly grateful that I do the occasional rehearsal, contest, concert whatever. The band have never once questioned my commitment to the cause.

    I have done what I think was right in the circumstances, and have been supported bt my current band for several years now. And no-one has disagreed with me yet...
  12. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    Well it depends on circumstances on think. If someone has to miss a few rehearsals because of work/family committment that can't be helped. But there is a line to be drawn. As a player I would find it VERY annoying to have someone turn up for a few random rehearsals and then get to play on the stage. No matter how good they are it will affect the band to suddenly have a part going in that wasn't there during the majority of the rehearsals. If a person can't make rehearsals coming up to a contest or important concert then a dep should be found who can cover for them.
  13. hellraiser

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    Fine, if they don't mind that's up to them. In my experience it seems just a matter of time before the attendance issue becomes intolerable to the band. I can't see it being much fun for them having individuals turning up once in 12 mind you...
  14. hellraiser

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  15. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    They dont mind at all in fact - players are thin on the ground in Fife - wouldnt you rather have a capable player who can make a few rehearsals and do the jobs than an constantly empty seat?

    If they by some miracle found a replacement soprano player, I would have no objection on moving to Bb.
  16. Red Elvis

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    Over the last few months (including the run up to regionals) I have been in a very difficult work situation - no agency / bank cover when nurses go off sick , reduced study leave , the works. I'm the ward manager / charge nurse and the buck stops with me.Its put me in a terrible bind on most monday nights - do I leave the ward short staffed to get to important rehearsals , or do i let the band down .Neither are very tolerable to me personally.As it goes , I've down about 1 in 2 rehearsals the last 6 weeks , which is not great but have got round it by taking leave for Mondays / Wednesdays in the run up to contests to ensure I will be there . This situation has come about since I joined the band , and as my playing is just about one of the only things keeping me sane at present I do not want to let it go.
  17. hellraiser

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    Unfortunately desperate bands have to take what they get and whilst I agree that anything is better than a constantly empty seat I would go out of my way to find someone who could make a reasonable commitment. I would advise desperate bands to focus energies on developing more youngsters so that they can feed the empty seats when they do arise.

    I guess this discussion is heading for a good player & poor commitment VS poorer player & good commitment debate (which is not what I had intended actually but is always an interesting one I must admit!)
  18. Pookiyama

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    Someone doesn't up for, say, 10 rehearsals, and they're thrown out of the band.

    Sorry, but that's discipline.

    I'm shocked by the amount of pointless bureaucracy and military-style command centres that the Brass Band population is showing right now.

    It's a freaking hobby. Most people who play in brass bands (most, yes, there are some exceptions) do it in their spare time and have other things to do as well. I myself have two communities I'd put before the band I'm in - plus, lots of us have other creative endeavours - for example, I'm in a rock band too.

    If you're a really busy person, and can't find the time to turn up, then you shouldn't be thrown out, as long as you have a valid excuse. Not bothering isn't really acceptable, but just casually casting players aside because they haven't shown up is just a) assuming they don't want to come and b) suddenly reverting to a rather unfair method of ... er ... punishment.

    Robbing someone of a creative/expressive outlet is the worst thing anyone can do, in my opinion.

    Being in a band is about creating music, it's about playing instruments. This isn't the army. We're all supposed to be decent, civilised and musical people, so let's act like it, rather than robotic schoolmasters actually *looking* to punish people who they see as wrongdoers, just because they're slightly outside of the box.
  19. Craigsav83

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    Agreed - unfortunatly, brass isnt well promoted in Fife. My band has 3 players under the age of 30. Beggers cant be choosers.
  20. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Hear Hear! :clap: