Pro Evo or Fifa??

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Pro Evo or Fifa?

  1. Pro Evo rocks despite the terrible menus and silly fake names!!

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  2. Fifa rocks despite stoneage AI and silly glitches!!

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  3. Neither! Bring back Sensible Soccer!!

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  1. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Just joint purchased Pro Evo 4 for our house X-Box as an "upgrade" from Fifa 2004. It takes a bit of getting into, but the play is soooo much better than Fifa. The AI and range movement in Pro Evo is vastly better than Fifa. Its amazing!

    Admittedly the menu system in Pro Evo doesn't appear to have been changed at all since the early ISS games and the fake player names are somewhat annoying. And I definately think that corners and free kicks are better in Fifa, but overall I don't think that the EA game can touch Pro Evo.

    Anyone else have any differing views??
  2. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I recently bought this for the XBOX too, and also own FIFA 2005. FIFA is getting marginally closer, on the XBox anyway. On first play, I thought Pro Evo was great, but, a few more hours play and things are starting to happen which shouldn't, despite, as you say, the obviously superior AI. Apparently a few people have said that Pro Evo XBOX is a bit of a shoddy, rushed conversion and doesn't play as well as the PS2 version. I have to admit, that I think at times, the 'players' have got ants in their pants as their legs move too fast when running. Also, in one game I played, the defender of the other team clearly knocked the ball into 'my' own net, only for a goal kick to be given. (Maybe that's the 'realism' bit, blind as **** referees!)

    From what I've seen of the PS2 version, it looks streets ahead of FIFA, but there do seem to be a few 'niggles' in the XBOX version. Apparently (though I haven't signed up to it), the Xbox live link is pretty poor too, but perhaps you can tell us more, Colin.

    Still, as for the menu system, I think it's a case of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. The detail to which the Pro Evo (and ISS before them) games allows you to tinker with formation, set plays, plyer roles and positions etc. is excellent and way ahead of FIFA. No need to tinker with it, really, unless they decide to make it a part football management game.

    On one of the first incarnations of what was originally 'International Superstar Soccer' on the SNES (before the 'split' which resulted in ISS and Pro Evo going their separate ways), there was a 'cheat' (hardly a cheat as such, but it was funny) where you could turn the referee into a dog, and see it pick yellow and red cards out of its mouth to show offending players!

    Back to the comparison; FIFA 2005 is an improvement, and I'll still go back to it now and again (after all, I paid 33 quid for it!). Yup, Pro Evo is better but not quite what I hoped.
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  3. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    p.s. I was never a great fan of Sensible Soccer! Trouble is, after Pro Evo and FIFA, there's not a great deal of quality in football games. Club Football is too limited in everything. (Not least, in only being able to play as one team!) Sure, you can put your own 'likeness' in as a player, but FIFA 2005 has that facility now, too!
  4. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    I don't know about X-Box live as we haven't got broadband.

    Although we haven't noticed too many glitches in Pro Evo, my house mate had clearly toe poked the ball over the line for a goal before I cynically brought him down (in the goal), bizarrely the ref gave a pen, didn't my even book my bloke, when if it was pen he should have been sent off as the last man and clearly denying a goal scoring oppurtunity. Satisfyingly he missed the pen. :D Must admit we are finnding shooting a bit difficult on PE but we think experience will cure that problem, also I find that some teams defend excessively deep on their default tactics, Austria being particular culpirits. Whilst this snuffs out my housemate's favourite through ball tactic it does limited my attacking options somewhat, when i win the ball in defence, break forward to discover 1 team mate in the opposing half. I know we can change tactic, but when you're just playing random team friendlies it gets a bit annoying. We've yet to discover a way of scoring headers from crosses too.....

    As for Fifa 04 (A generation before PE4 although Fifa games rarely develop much between generations....) the bugs and glitches are awful. I once scored from the halfway line cos the ball went straight thru the keeper. And then if you tried bringing the keeper out of the area for a one on one, he would just fall over!! Or the ridiculous Craig Bellamyesque none appreciation of the offside rule, when your AI teamates would take up frankly ridiculous positions... speaking of which, why did the Fifa refs wait until the attacker touched the ball before bringing back play for offside? Ball over the top, you chase from the centre circle, clear of the defence, you've just the keeper to beat.... bring down the ball.... offside!!! GRRRRRR!!!! And as for the hideous first touch of 90% of the players..... and the virtual impossibility of going past even one man with the ball....

    My, what a long post!! I need to get out more.....
  5. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Blasphemer!!! Sensible Soccer is the grandaddy of all football games, as far as genre defining goes, it rates up alongside the behemoth that is Champ Man/Football Man (as it is now) :-D
  6. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I agree with your assessment of FIFA 2004, but so far (I haven't played it to death or anything.... yet!) FIFA 2005 seems to have eradicated most of these glitches (except the refs waiting too long before calling offside, AND the fact that you seemingly cannot see your players substituted at half time take effect until an appropriate pause in play AFTER the kick off in the second half!). FIFA 2005 isn't unbearable, though and the continuation of the occasional random commentary chat between Motty and McCoist about 'how it was in the old days' etc. is quite a nice touch, for me anyway!

    As for the 'hideous first touch', that can happen in Pro Evo too, I've found and is fairly realistic when playing in the Premiership anyway! And it is nice to be able to play as Rushden and Diamonds and the like in FIFA for those without allegiance to a Premiership club! (He says, being an Arsenal supporter of some 34 years standing!) FIFA 2005 has paid 'homage' to Pro Evo's Master league mode too in this year's instalment where you can embark upon a career as a manager of a lowly league side, build up points, buy players and if you're good enough, rise through the ranks. Pro Evo is still better at this, but it seems that the bods at EA Sports are at least beginning to take note of what makes the 'competiton' a better football game!

    Yup, I need to get out more, too! :)

    p.s. In the end, FIFA will always be an arcadey-ish football 'game' whereas Pro Evo is aimed more at 'simulation'. (Hence, as you say, the fact that it's more difficult to shoot and score in PE) I think that will always be the case as long as they keep producing them!

    p.p.s. Sensible Soccer? We'll have to agree to disagree on that one! ;)
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  7. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Persistence! It happens now and again (as in real football I guess! I've succeeded a few times!) but the 'double tap' of the B button when crossing is for me, the most likely way of getting a header on target, (and the nearer to the touchline - not goal line -, preferably parallel to the edge of the penalty area on a forward run that you do it, the greater chance of success. If your cross is going too long, try and get a header back across goal, on the easier levels, and you may find yourself tapping into an unguarded net as the goalie has followed the original cross!) as it produces a lower, more 'bullet' type of cross, and if you're timing's right, you'll head a few in (but I've only tried this up to level 3, no further!)

    On corners, if you have a player on the near edge of the penalty area, vary it a bit and pass it to him, (don't do this all the time, the AI susses you out as I'm sure you're aware) get a cross in quick (double tap B) and it works - sometimes!
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  8. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Soory, me again! Occasionally, try treble tapping the B (crossing) button. It produces a 'grounder' which can, if you're lucky, produce a 'toe poke' from an incoming striker.
  9. Nuke

    Nuke Active Member

    yea single tap the cross button high floaty cross
    double tap lower whip cross
    triple tap ground cross for a defender to nicely slice it into his own net (on the PS2 version that means you get a goal?? search me its new i know)

    if you had PS2 version using right analogue stick and spinning it round the player on the ball does a spin.
    tapping the L shoulder buttons does tricky stuff like step overs.
    Press L1 and triangle for a lofted through ball. L1 and pass starts a one two that if you press through ball before the other player traps the ball he plays a sweet ball onto the run of the player thats just one twod you and is running. press long pass in this manouver for a lofted one two through ball.
    You can hold shoot then quickly tap pass for a fake shot that will round the keeper and is good for one on ones. or L1 and shoot for lofted shot. shoot then R1 as the power bar is still displayed is a chip shot..... arr you have the X box version lol.

    also L1 plus all of the above options of crossing will play an early cross from newhere outside the area and can catch the defence off guard for an easy tap in.
  10. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    im not really into this sort of footy game, prefer the managerial games myself. I

    have recently got my hands on football manager 2005, and absolutely fantastic game its actually kept me off tmp so it must be good!
  11. yr_epa

    yr_epa Member

    Pro Evo anyday of the week!!!
  12. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    I dunno want to get fifa again after it got stolen from my house :( ...was only left with Killzone and Halo2 which were in the consoles ( which wernt nicked)
  13. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Good for who, Craig? ;)
  14. Nuke

    Nuke Active Member

    also theres alot less fake names and teams in pro evo now. its just the kits that let it down cause of fake badges and close to colours and desighns for the english teams. When they can get people like juventus to sighn up for full usage of there stuff it does seem a shame but then Juventus are better then having a real fulham team neday

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