Prizes for Pub Performances

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    On Sunday 21st August, Besses o’ th’ Barn performed at the final concert of the Summer Brass Band series at the Ring o’ Bells pub in Marple. Many bands had appeared there over the last three months including the All Star Brass whose performance raised over £600 for charity.

    However, a secret adjudicator had been in the audience’s midst throughout the concerts and had been charged with selecting which of the bands had given the best performances based on musicality and entertainment. The title of ‘Most Musical Performance’, went to the Fairey (Geneva) Band whilst The Marple Band were awarded ‘Most Entertaining Performance’. Each of the two bands received a glass trophy and £100 prize money (contributed by the pub’s landlord, Mark Singleton, and a generous local resident).

    Gary Parker (Faireys) and Caroline Andrews (Marple) were on hand to collect the prizes on behalf of their respective bands.

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