Prize Draw for 2 tickets to VIP Box at the Championship Finals Royal Albert Hall

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    Win with Broadland Music!

    At Broadland Music we are celebrating our first anniversary with a Prize Draw for two tickets to our VIP Box at the Championship Finals at the Royal Albert Hall.

    Every purchase of ZAJA BLUE or ZAJA OIL made via our website by Saturday 21 October will qualify for a free entry into a Prize Draw for 2 Tickets to the Broadland Music VIP Box at the Royal Albert Hall for the National Finals of the Brass Band Championships on 28 October.

    It couldn't be easier! For your chance to win a place in our VIP Box at the Albert Hall, log on to our website and order you Zaja Blue or Zaja Oil now!

    About Broadland Music

    Broadland Music opened its doors in the centre of Norwich on 22 October 2005. Since then it has rapidly gained appreciation with musicians throughout the UK and beyond, as well as gaining the respect of suppliers and retailers. With quality instruments on show and available for demonstration, we aim to offer a wide selection of products at an affordable price catering for all levels of ability from the student to the professional.

    As a reflection of the quality of service offered by Broadland Music, they were awarded the coveted “Grade A” Dealership in Pro Wind and Brass by Yamaha within just a few months of trading and were identified by London Musical Instruments as their preferred dealer for the promotion of their outstanding new range of brass instruments. More recently they have become one of a handful of dealers in the country to be asked to work with The Valve for the promotion of Edwards Trombones.

    Come and see Broadland Music for yourself at 55 London Street, Norwich, NR2 1HL, or online at

    About Zaja

    Zaja is another example of a quality product on offer from Broadland Music. Having sourced Zaja directly from the manufacturers in the USA, Zaja Blue and Zaja Oil have become our leading brands of valve oil, easily outselling any other brands that we stock. In fact it has been so popular that we now distribute to retailers across the UK and Europe via Broadland Music's sister company London Street Music.

    Zaja Blue

    Zaja Blue is one of the most technologically advanced lubricants ever developed for the music industry, blended with TFBS™ additives to increase lubricity and protect all components more than any product available today. With the assistance of some of the biggest names in music and years of evaluation this unique formulation was created by professionals for professionals. By lowering the surface energy needed to operate valves and slides with our special additives, the coefficient of friction is greatly reduced. All lubricants eventually evaporate or lose their lubricating abilities, but when using the new Zaja Lubricants, special additives are still present to keep slide and valves working.

    Zaja Oil

    No more foul oil smell! ZAJA OIL is available in a variety of pleasant scents: Strawberry, French Vanilla, Watermelon, Mulberry, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Swiss Chocolate. Developed by professional brass players for professionals, Zaja Scented Valve Oil lubricates, retards the formation of dirt and grime, and eliminates sticking valves on all brass instruments.

    Here's what one of our customers said about Zaja Oil:
    “This is the best oil that I have ever used. I have a relatively cheap trumpet, which has always had a problem with the first valve being sluggish. The ZAJA oil has stopped this completely. The grapefruit scent might seem to be a bit of a novelty, but what would you rather breath in. A fresh citrus, or petroleum vapour! This is a great product, will definitely be coming back for more.”

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