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  1. bassendworld

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    Hi All,

    can anyone help with the levels of standard the following peices are aimed at:-

    Flame of Independance - Dan Price
    On Winter Hill - Dan Price
    Horizons - PLC
    Solar Eclipse - PLC
    Where eagles Sing - PLC
    Five portaits of Middle Earth - Rodney Newton

    Appreciate all a bit subjective but any indications would be helpful


  2. James Yelland

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    It's all a bit of a long time ago, but I recall that Horizons requires the front row to be quite nippy on the 'slur two double tongue two' front, and euph parts sail quite high at times. Also, it begins in D major concert (four and five sharps for Bb and Eb instruments respectively), but as it's slowish it shouldn't be too much of a problem. All the faster stuff is in C major concert (2 and 3 sharps respectively). Perhaps 1st/2nd section standard?
  3. Rob

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    A band at one of the schools I teach at has just done a very decent performance of Horizons - so it could be even played by 3rd section bands probably (that's what we think the school band is broadly equivalent to)! The beginning is actually G major concert, so even easier :)
  4. James Yelland

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    I just looked up the piece on the Just Music website to see if my memory was deceiving me, and it wasn't - the solo B flat cornet part is indeed written in 4 sharps. I wonder if perhaps your school band had acquired a version of the piece transposed into an easier key for younger players? Or perhaps we are talking about a different Horizons altogether?
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  5. Rob

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    No same, piece, it's cause it starts in A major (band pitch) that I thought it was 3 sharps instead of 4! Don't think there is an easier version of this.
  6. Where Eagles Sing needs to be a very good band. Very busy front row and euphs, needs a good sop and back row have lots too. Great opener though.