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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there has got their hands on a prestige horn case (the black fabric covered ones) As I bought my horn very soon after it was released I was told that if bought it that I would have to have a normal soverigne case. Is there anywhere you can buy them from? Can you buy them from besson themselves? Can I just buy a york case and stich a besson badge on. Is there a case out there that is identical. Does anyone have one they want to sell. Do they even exist lol?

    Another thing i would like to ask about is the tuning slide oin the besson prestige horn. Someone told me quite recentley that besson are making a new tuning slide avaliable to anyone owning a prestige horn free of charge... firstly is this accurate, and secondly where can i get one if it is?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Wow! Thats a lot of questions. Ring Besson!
  3. Last time I rang besson, my horn went away for 2 months and came back with 1 of the 10 problems fixed. If I send off for a case is it likley to get here before I retire from playing :confused:
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  5. Ryan,
    My company has an account wit Winter who make the cases and have a delivery scheduled soon for cornet cases. If you would like to order a prestige horn case let me know and i can add it to my order. (I can get a price for you before ordering)
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    I tried the Prestige Horn and whilst the instrument didn't suite, I did like the case. After buying the York Preference, I looked everywhere for the same style of case and found one on the First Brass (Virtuosi) trade stand at the Crawley contest.

    Can't remember the contact details but, if you google 'First Brass' or 'Virtuosi', that should point you in the right direction.

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    If i remember correctly, the horn didn't fit in the case properly when the main tuning slide was anything more than a few mm extended.. so if they are sending new slides to fix the trigger/slide dropping out issue (great move!!), then are they making a new case to match now that people will be able to tune to more than a few mm extended?
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    The York Preference horn/cases are like that, but i'm pretty sure that the Prestige Horn cases are a big improvement on that