Prestige Euphonium Lyre... How?!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have one of the new prestige euph's and was thinking, how would i attach a lyre? The usual 'slot' on euphs is where the trigger is on mine and there is no 'slot' anywhere elsewhere. So what could i do at Christmas time?! :frown: :oops:

    Any ideas or sollutions?

  2. jingleram

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    I asked my suppliers to fit me one when it went in for a service recently. Alternatively, get a clip on lyre!
  3. Can you get clip on lyres for Euphoniums? How do they work...?
  4. jingleram

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    There was a discussion about this very subject not so long ago, will have a search in a second. I think someone found a nifty flute lyre that also clipped onto the euph very nicely!
  5. baribari

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    I/we at waitakere use a shank mounted trombone lyre - shauns white's idea.:clap:
    bit of tape on the shank (to stop the scratching) and simply slide on to the shank. You need to manipulate the actual lyre to suit your sight of vision but it works a treat. I used to march with Cwmaman without a lyre and simply hold the card with my left hand. Not the best and looks **** - and prestiges aren't light - so durham last year was bit ****e.

    rather stupid not not having a proper marching lyre mount on the prestige, (if your are listening euph manufacturers! - stop ******ing about with that stupid slide whihch sticks and gets in the way and put on a 50p lyre mount!). perhaps the thinking is/was that the 'prestige' is such a 'virtuoso' instrument that it wouldnt be used on a march. i would have thought the vast majority of top section bands have them now, so thats obvioulsy a load of poo.
  6. As far as I'm aware, i heard that the reasoning behind having no lyre box on was down to the fact that the new Besson is designed to be a concert euphonium and not a marching one. Personally i think it is a stupid idea as most of the people who buy them i would have thought will at some point need them for a march etc.
  7. Yeah and my beloved christmas carroling! So, if a flute liar works, can anyone post a link to one what they know works or a right fitting clip on one?
  8. yes could someone please post a link! i really need one! many thanks!