Prestige Euphonium for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MichaelHowley1, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. MichaelHowley1

    MichaelHowley1 New Member

    I am selling my Besson Prestige Euphonium.

    It is the medium bore version which has a slighly smaller bell which aids projection.

    It is in very good condition and has just been serviced.

    If you have any questions or are interested in a 'test drive', please contact me at:

    Thanks for looking.
  2. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Asking price?



    Where in the country are you?
  3. MichaelHowley1

    MichaelHowley1 New Member

    Euphonium No Longer Available

    This Item Is No Longer Available


  4. chiephonium

    chiephonium Member

  5. zak

    zak Member

    What do you mean by that somewhat cryptic comment Andy????? :confused:
  6. chiephonium

    chiephonium Member

    just reflecting on this great thread...

    you know, really good advertisment for a euph and then the classic 'no longer available'...

    i'm sure this type of thread is what the 'musicman' was considering when he dreamed up his baby tmp........
  7. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Groan. Thread locked.
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