Prestige Euph valves advice needed?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Eddy1234567, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Eddy1234567

    Eddy1234567 Member

    Hi guys ... I have a besson prestige euphonium which is about 3 years old now and to put it bluntly the valves are awfull to put it politely !! They have not been great since I bough the euph but have been ok, certainly not what I would expect from a brand new euph commanding such a price tag and with a reputation for great valves. Anyway recently they have become worse..and I do look after this euph - I have tried everything from new springs, dampners, different oil, and even had them professionally cleaned and they still are awfull. It feels like they are scraping against the inner wall of the valve casing and when you put pressure on them at a certain angle they go down fine!! But yeah any suggestions on what to do? I'm thinking about contacting besson but are there any other suggestions and would be getting in touch with them be a good idea? Thanks guys. Ed
  2. Highams

    Highams Member

    see pm
  3. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    A friend of mine has a similar problem with his new prestige baritone. He's been advised not to use valve oil, only water.
  4. Blagger

    Blagger Member

    Have you changed the plastic guides?
    Mine was pretty bad until i fitted a completely new set of these
  5. bbocaner

    bbocaner New Member

    What brand of valve oil are you using? I was using a particular brand of oil on my prestige baritone that ended up swelling the valve guides to the point where I experienced symptoms similar to what you are describing. Switching brands of oil fixed it, but it took a couple of weeks and a good cleaning before it really went back to normal.
  6. Eddy1234567

    Eddy1234567 Member

    Hi guys thanks for all the tips and advice and sorry for the late reply. I took the euph to the rncm for Steven Mead to look at. He gave it a good check over and quick clean and advised it needed a good service. He also noticed that the instrument has had a knock to the bell as if the instrument had been pressed together and he explained that this could be why my valves and trigger are sticking. I have since taken the instrument to McQueens and been quoted £414 for the full repair and service on the instrument .. So this suggests the severity of the knock even though it seemed so small and was unbeknown to me. So anyway it's booked in and being fixed as we speak, I was just hoping it would be something not so serious but it will be worth it once my euph is back to how it should be. I would just like to say thanks to Steve for being so helpfull and seeing me and thanks to McQueens, who too were very helpfull when I took it in. Ed
  7. Gazabone

    Gazabone Member

    Sorry to hear that it will be a bit pricey to put right, but to see someone as god like as Steven Mead will take the time and trouble to offer help and advice is great. Well done Mr Mead.:clap:
  8. Bandsman1

    Bandsman1 Member

    I have had my Prestige 6 yrs now and always had probs with 1st valve being slow on return, keeping the guides well clean and oiled with the right oil seems to work but even so it still needs attention from time to time. This upsets me because apart from being the best euph I have ever played, it is certainly making me think twice about swapping for a Sterling as advocated by Mr Williams. Any input from Sterling users?
  9. catto09

    catto09 Member

    I have a 12 year old prestige. And for ages, the first valve was the same - very sluggish and slow to return. Sometimes stuck half way and i had to dismantle it before it would work again. I noticed that 1st and 3rd had ports in the same place (don't think this is the same with the new ones), and so I swapped them over. No issues :). The valve still sticks if I don't push it down the right way, but in no way as severely
  10. euphymike

    euphymike Member

    Engineering can be a fickle thing! It works or it doesn't. Or it used to work now it doesn't. I got a Willson 2950 and not had any problems with it. I know a couple of people with miraphones who have never any trouble. An old boy I know has the holy grail of euphs, a hirsbrummer. The valves are like a cornet. Superb. Saying that I bought and now play a 4 valve prestige baritone and only used hetmans number one on the valves. No problems to report after 2 1/2 years. But that's engineering for you?

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