Prestige cornet spare part needed

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Trumpet Major, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I am in some need of the screw which sits at the elbow joint of the moveable tuning slide trigger on my prestige Bb cornet. (I hope that makes sense)
    Whilst some repairers have the screw, they appear somewhat unwilling to sell me the screw and insist on fitting it at some crazy cost which cannot be funded from a mature students pocket.
    So, if anyone can help, point me in the right direction or if I can buy a part from anyone, I'd be grateful. The cable tie currently holding it together kind of doesnt function that well and we all know the need for this trigger to function properly.
    Many Thanks
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    They have a superb range of spares...

    They don't list that they stock the screw but i am sure they could get one for you - give em a ring.
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    Thanks very much, i'll give them a try

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    Fanfare trumpet wanted

    Hi All
    In addition to my search for cornet parts, I am also looking for a cheap fanfare trumpet to aid in my new business.
    I really dont want to buy an ebay fanfare trumpet but I am a mature student so it needs to be within a certain price range
    Thanks all

  5. towse1972

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    I have lost 2 of the little blighters and Fred Rhodes in Delph, Oldham have replacedthem for a couple of quid. Try them. They are 1st class geezers!