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  1. Besson Baritone Horn BE2056-1-0 Prestige

    SRP £4,010.00
    Our Web Price : £2,907.00 (£2,474.04 ex VAT)
    You Save : £1,103.00
    Delivery Estimate: £10.00 Please phone +44 (0)1823 282386 for availability on this item

    Besson BE2056-1-0 Prestige Baritone Horn Bb Lacquer Full professional quality. 3 valve, compensating. Main tuning slide trigger. Fully checked prior to sale.

    I found this on

    I just wondered wheter anyone else has heard about this instrument, as its not on Bessons web-page. The latest news about their baritones that i have received is that they are going to develop the 4-valved (956) and then call it prestige.
  2. I dont know where this thread got into this room, it was supposed to be in the rehearsal room....... Could some move it in there??
  3. thank you:)
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    All part of the service. ;)
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    The prestige Baritone is, infact, on the Besson website. You have to look through the .pdf catalogue's though. I wasn't aware they had released it to other companies yet. As far as I was concerned, they haven't actually made the first one - which would be why there's no image.

    I imagine Buffet are going to make a complete prestige range for every instrument. All that's left now is the Tuba...that's gonna look
  6. Ye, but if you look at the ad, it says that the prestige baritone has 3 valves, and a trigger, which you dont find any information about on the besson page.. I guess its the ad which is containing "false" information.