Press Release - The Salvation Army buys British Bandsman

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  1. Pondasher

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    Totally agree with your comments Brian. It does seem an attractive proposition for the S.A. to secure a replacement for "The Musician".

    Whatever is announced via press statements, I only hope that it was truly acquired for commercial reasons, rather than for gaining an extra platform to use for religious broadcasting purposes.

    Let us see if the editorial staff remember that the title is "British Bandsman" and NOT "Salvationist Bandsman", and the content should reflect this.

    If editorial content swings in a religious direction, then my copy will go immediately in the bin!

    I just hope they are not having discussions with "Brass Band World" and "Brass Herald".

    Keith Quinn
  2. Brian Bowen

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    Front-page headline for the BB under new management (speculation):

  3. Bariman

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    The and SP&S are and have been sponsoring a number of non-Army events in last few years; can't recall them using them as a vehicle for religious propoganda.

    Give them a chance, at least there's a chance the BB will improve :!:
  4. DublinBass

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    agreed :!: :!:
  5. johnflugel

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    Come on Keith let's be serious, what do you think they would actually publish if that was their intention?

    "Controversy over the 'New' Masters, Changes at Faireys and by the way...Jesus Saves!"

    Well done to SP&S for their continued support of the banding movement
  6. nickjones

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    Jesus Saves............and Satan scores on the rebound...
  7. PeterBale

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    I prefer the other one: "Jesus saves - Moses invests" :wink:
  8. drummerboy

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    To be fair to SA bands (and speaking as ex-SA, I do know a little about this!) most SA bands keep the same members, and they only leave a band if they 'retire' from playing or move corps. With all respect to players in the SA their player movements are not the big news that someone moving from Dyke to Grimey would be.
    I, for one, hardly think that Bandsman will suddenly be primarily about SA music. I think that most of the news about the ISB (the SA's banding flagship) is published in BB, and indeed I do remember an article about the ISB's bass section being together 10 years a few months back.
    I think it is a good move and if the BB editor is anything like the Salvantionist's new editor we'll have a lot to be thankful for! (Not that there was anything 'wrong' with Charles King of course!)
  9. craigster

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    Wow! Was I ever surprised to read about this on 4barsrest! I think it is fantastic that a group that is so keen on the brass band tradition is taking an active stake in this prestigious paper.

    I have a few responses to some of the concerns that the BB will now become an overt evangelistic tool. Firstly, I would argue that SP&S has shown through its involvement with Doyen, World of Brass, Gala Concerts at competitions etc. that it is fair and interested in promoting the brass band culture. I think that under their recent 'management' we have had some of the best CD and DVD products ever produced in our medium readily available worldwide. The Kings of Europe CD and the Eric Ball concert DVD are foremost in my mind here.

    Secondly, the Salvation Army does have a few businesses that are points of profit and investment without being religious in nature. The Reliance Bank and Car Insurance Scheme are two perfect examples. Non-religious businesses, yet they are run by the SA with the profits from these enterprises going to support the SA's continued work.

    Finally, every editor brings their own slant to things. I believe that Eric Ball was once an editor of BB. A more spiritual man I am sure you will not find, yet the magazine did just fine with his feet in two worlds.

    I say congratulations to the boys at SP&S as they continue to push the boundaries and forge strong links between our two banding communities. We all need each other to help keep a strong banding tradition going both inside and outside of the SA. I will be among those keen to see the results.

    It may just be time to renew my subscription!

    Craig Lewis
    Trom - Canadian Staff Band.
  10. James Yelland

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    SP & S are certainly putting it about a bit. As I mentioned earlier, first Doyen, now the BB - and I clean forgot that they bought out R Smith & Co a while ago. Add to that the involvement in the Gala concert and a host of other things, and it seems to me that they're making a very substantial bid for dominance.

    I wonder what might be next - the management, or even ownership, of a major contest - the National Championships, perhaps? I would be surprised if such an ambitious company hadn't at least considered it. In that event, it would be interesting to see if the same degree of good will and indulgence shown in this thread prevailed on that occasion. Both Besson and Kapitol Management have certainly come in for some (highly unjustified) criticism for their roles in the past.
  11. choirmaster

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    This news is great for anyone associated with bands. The Bandsman could now have a time of stability if the S.A.appoint somebody with vision and a good editorial team at the helm.
    Unfortunately, as someone that is an ex- Salvationist in the strict sense of the word, but still a very regular attender I am not exactly enamoured with the idea. I still contribute a not insubstantial amount of money to the Army in the hope that this money is used wisely and for the good of those who need it here in the UK and abroad. It takes charity a bit far when part of the money I donate each month goes to sponsoring concerts and buying failing businesess which the BB is, going by it's dwindling readership.
    If there is any profit ( financially), will that then go to those who are really in need of it? I doubt it somehow. If we are talking profit in terms of souls saved, I think they may be far better ways of doing this.
    I know that each department has it's own budget and the Army may try to justify the expenditure on these grounds, but to me and maybe others if that department's budget is big enough to do all this 'charity 'work then your budget is far too large. That money could be far more wisely spent. My monthly contribution to the SA's failing business charity account will be terminated asap- it's all gone too far.
  12. Ross Berry

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    SP&S seem to be in a no-win situation here.

    Some people think that they will use the paper to bible bash and now others think that they are giving up money to allow Brass Band traditions to continue.

    I suspect that most successful businessmen have taken a failing business in the past and turned it into a successful one. If the BB was doing really well then SP&S would not have seen the opportunity to make money out of it and improve it.

    On what basis do you cast the doubt that the Army will get the profit?

    Have you evidence to suggest that Army businesses such as reliance bank don't support the Armys work?

    The bottom line is that if SP&S are making a profit they are supporting the Armys work and in no way are you subsidising them helping to keep the brass band movement going.As a charity they are required to make the maximum income for the charity and without seeing the financial statements of the organisations involved it would seem like a sound business decision.

    If you believe that sponsoring events, influencing media and raising the profile of their organisation is poor management then perhaps you should forward your email to Richard Branson, MacDonalds, Unilever, etc etc. all of whom I am sure will appreciate being told about their poor business strategy.
  13. choirmaster

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    The Army isn't Unilever et al. It is a church and a registered charity. The people and companies mentioned above have a product to market that everyone needs or wants - not everyone wants to go to a band concert or buy a brass band periodical, unfortunately. You can't put them in the same catagory.
    I'm all for raising the profile of the Army, but at what financial cost? Regarding reliance bank-yes apparently they do allocate most of the profit to support the Army's work, although I can't see the profit from these ventures being used in the same way.
    My doubts are based on that I don't wish to divulge on this or any forum, you'll just have to take my word for it.
    It would also be interesting to see what the Army's readership figures for The Salvationist have been like over the past few years.
    I think the Army could avoid all this fuss by coming clean with the amount these ventures cost and their projected profit forecasts. These things have to be challenged and not just blindly accepted.

    However, ploughing money into this has to be good for the brass band movement, if it ensured a prestigious paper such as the BB didn't go to the wall.

    (Quote fixed, PB, Mod)
  14. choirmaster

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    Oops, done it again. Where can I find out how to do these quote things properly?
  15. Active Member

    Choirmaster, may I politely refer you to the first sentence of the official press release which kicked off this thread in the first place;
    The Salvation Army, with the approval of the senior leadership of the UK Territory with the Republic of Ireland, has acquired British Bandsman magazine through Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd.
    Hopefully this should clear up for you how the BB is being purchased, certainly not from your, or anyone elses, donations!
  16. choirmaster

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    My apologies for sounding completely stupid but maybe you can clear up my confusion.
    My monthly money goes in a cartridge envelope as my other half remains a Salvationist. Isn't it that 10% of that goes towards local admin.(DHQ) and 10% of this goes nationally(THQ) and then gets passed on to departmental budgets etc?
    Or is it that SP&S recieves none of this and is a completely seperate entity?
    I'm honestly not trying to be difficult for the sake of it. I'd just like to know how the jigsaw fits together.
  17. Active Member

    SP&S Limited is a business and is run as a business.
    We don't receive an element of the contents of your cartridge envelope!
    It's actually part of UK charity law that charities are not allowed to support a business subsiduary financially. Quite the opposite, in fact. In our case part of our reason for our existence is to generate profits which will be covenanted back to The Salvation Army.
    Please let us know who you are choirmaster, it would be so much more friendly!
  18. choirmaster

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    Thanks for enlightening me world of brass. In my 30 odd years of being associated with the Army I never knew it was run as a seperate business. I think it may be a good idea for the Army to make all this known to people both inside and outside of the movement. It could save a lot of tension when things are cleared up, even for the brass band public who probably are wary of the move.
  19. Cantonian

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    The Salvationist magazine which replaced the Musician magazine is giving less and less space to SA music of all genres. Let's hope that this can be addressed by more useful reporting of SA bands in BB.

    This week's Salvationist report on Canton Band's visit to Kettering could have said 'They came, they saw, they went' for all the non-cliche information provided.
  20. PeterBale

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