PRESS RELEASE - Test piece for 2009 National Youth Brass Band Championships

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    Subject; Skylines by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Prima Vista Musikk and World of Brass are pleased to announce that Skylines, the latest work from the pen of Paul Lovatt-Cooper is now available.

    Skylines has been commissioned by Lancashire Contests as the test piece for the Advanced Section of the 2009 National Youth Brass Band Championships.
    Skylines takes its inspiration from the many and varied skylines of Lancashire and the vast array of music that has been performed and enjoyed there, in particular the jazz funk style.
    Skylines will test all of the sections of the band and will provide a great opportunity for ensembles to develop their rhythmic playing, soloistic style and general ensemble skills. It is fresh and different and hopefully enjoyable for bands and audiences alike.
    The middle section of the piece gives a great opportunity for bands to show off their talented soloists. During this section there is opportunity for the conductors and bands to choose four different soloists to play the solos; any player from Soprano to E flat Bass!

    Skylines can be purchased from World of Brass by telephoning 01933 445 445 or from the website by using this link;

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