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    Waitakere Secure Steven Booth as Their New MD

    The Trusts Waitakere City Brass Band based in Auckland are delighted to have secured the services of the well known baritone soloist and conductor Steven Booth.

    Steven assisted the band earlier in the year as conductor, and took up the full time position when the band resumed rehearsals following their extremely successful recent trip to Europe.

    The band has enjoyed three great years under the baton of Simon Kerwin, and is now looking ahead to a great future under Steven’s leadership. Steven’s musicality, professionalism and experience will be a great asset to the band, along with his ability to move the band forward whilst still ensuring that enjoyment and great music-making is paramount.

    Steven’s philosophy is that band has to be enjoyable, especially when some of the members travel nearly 2 hours each way to band for every single rehearsal. He also believes it is very important that, while the band improves technically, audiences want to listen to them and enjoy the music they play. This is an important factor in his choice of programming.

    The band have already secured the services of several new players (announcements coming soon) as they start to build towards next year’s contest schedule, which will include the Australian Nationals, The Auckland Contest and the New Zealand Nationals amongst others. The band’s immediate challenge is to find a replacement for their principal cornet of the past three years, the outstanding Alex Kerwin, who has also been a fantastic ambassador for the band.

    Following the success of their recent tour, superbly directed by Simon Kerwin, and Steven’s recent appointment as Musical Director, the band have already acquired several new engagements and are now following up many other enquiries from prospective players, sponsors and new bookings.

    The future looks bright and exciting for one of New Zealand’s top bands……..