"Presley in Mind No. 2" is here at last!!!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by TIMBONE, Aug 16, 2005.


    TIMBONE Active Member


    Do you Love me Tender, or do you have a Wooden Heart, or is it just Suspicious Minds

    My most popular arrangement with both bands and audiences is "Presley in Mind".

    Following several requests, I arranged a second medley, which, after a long wait, has finally been authorised.

    So here it is at last, Presley in Mind No.2

    Love me Tender begins as a Flugel solo
    Wooden Heart is a Horn solo first time round
    Suspicious Minds starts as a Euphonium solo. The slow section is a Trombone solo, then it picks up speed and goes to a Las Vegas style ending.

    7min50sec - £20

    Order from www.tpmusic.co.uk or www.justbrass.co.uk


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  2. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    Fantastic Timing as yesterday was Elvis's birthday...

    He would have been about 68....stone, no?

    TIMBONE Active Member

    It would have been his 70th birthday, because 'the king' was born the same year as 'the queen' aka my mother-in-law!
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