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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by RJMorris, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Any reviews for Roger Webster's new book, "Preparation, Practice, Performance"? It's going to cost me about $50 USD to get a copy and I'm just wanting to make sure it is a good read. Many thanks for any input.
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    Had a copy of this since Xmas and it is an excellent study book. As well as being "a good read", it also has a selection of very interesting exercises, which are fun to play and are unsual in the sense they are unique, not copies or direct transcripts form other study books(Arban etc).As well as the basic scales(which are played differentlly and sometimes with no valves!)they also have tunes, and each one is designed to improve specific areas of playing a brass instrument, and each exercise has a detailed explanation on what the exercise is aimed at acheiving. There is also a CD with study book that has RW playing each exercise as a guide to how they should be played.The theories and thoughts on the "mind games" with regards to performance are also very unique, and it simplifies and explains where the problems can occur in individuals. I had so much identification with the writings in the book, I thought that RW had been given an insight to my thoughts prior to and during a public performance.

    I have many study books and tutor books that I have accumulated over the years, but for me, this has been the best by far and I highly recommend the investment.

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