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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by nook1938, May 2, 2007.

  1. nook1938

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    A watchdog as been set up to monitor people so they do not spend more than £10 on the 0900 numbers. Now the first part of the issues are who in there right minds would want to go to a limit of £10 and if they did, how can they be sure that the "free prize" had not gone or is there one and the second part is, the watchdog should have pulled the plug on these " rip off phone numbers " and all the other numbers that have you paying over the odds, now the above is only my thoughts but you might welcome a chance to get on a show or win some fantastic prizes.

    any thoughts?
  2. Bayerd

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    What if you get to the £10 pound limit, and you've not quite 'finished' talking?
  3. WoodenFlugel

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    I've not heard the full details yet, just a quick reports on the radio driving into work this morning, but I wonder how this is going to work, and whether it will have any effect?

    Firstly who is going to administer this warning? The TV companies? The phone companies? Ofcom? And how are they going to notify you? I'm assuming a text message, but texts are very easy to ignore and even easier to delete, so I doubt it'll have any effect on those who have gotten themselves into financial difficulties by texting these numbers. Or are they going to tell you on your bill (like the store cards idea I heard yesterday - another stupid cop-out decision) which is even easier to ignore than a text.

    Personally I'd like to see the back of these so-called competitions for good. They are nothing more than a revenue raising scheme for the TV companies - even for the BBC, who will still be telling us our licence fee isn't enough, despite the millions these text-to-enter competitions are raising.

    I also think that they are partly to blame for the derivative TV we are getting now. Every show has to have a text competition shoe-horned into it, which is why Saturday nights is currently full of "How Do You Grease A Problem Like Joseph" dross. If you were a commissioning editor and you had a choice between one show without the text vote / competition and one with - with all that lovely money it'll raise for your company, which would you choose?


    So then - which soap opera will be the first to find a way of getting some sort of text vote or competition?

    A. Eastenders
    B. Coronation Street
    C. Hollyoaks

    Text A, B or C to 1234 and win, win, win!

    Texts cost £10 a second plus your usual text fee. All callers will be bombarded with spam texts for the rest of their lives. We reserve the right to insult the nation's intellegence with mind-numbingly stupid questions, just becase we're after your filthy lucre.

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    If the companies were made to answer ALL the calls by means of human operators, and the caller got an engaged tone on no reply at no cost, then the rampant profit making would cease. Only the best would survive - and even they would not make the ludicrous amount of profits like ITV Play has made.

    A cop out, I think.
  5. nook1938

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    I had to ring a 0870 number today, after the usual discription of the services and the number to press, this went on for four times, then I ended up in a queue and when I finally got to speak to someone 15 min had passed, for a few minute's call.

    I had been getting a letter to say I had entered a competition and won, if I would ring this number to get a ID number and ring back with the ID and confirmation code, they would send my winnings. The number was a 0900 one, so I would have rung it twice at £1.50 a minute which would have altogether taken me 14 minutes, if I was lucky. I just partly filled a form in and marked the rest for them to fill in and told them " if I had won a prize to send it " otherwise stop sending these " binnable items ". Never heard anything back as yet.
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    Oops, I thought you meant the other type of 09 numbers:oops:
  7. Lauradoll

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    Ha while I was in Blackpool with the band last year, my other half spent £60 in one night on the quiz channel, ringing up to try to get through to fill in the missing letters on hangman or something like that. Needless to say this channel has now been removed from the digi box....
  8. winterman

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    For non-quiz lines (tho they may work) you can always try very handy for when you are feeling desperate to ring a support help line!! Works for other numbers besides 0870.