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    The United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band would like to announce the postponement of the premiere of Gregoritas by Phil Lawrence.

    The decision was taken at last night’s rehearsal when the band and musical director Kevin Wadsworth decided that whilst the band could play the piece, it was not in a position to do the magnificent work justice in just a week’s time.

    Said the band’s manager Tabby Clegg: “Due to the band still filling the final few seats before the Regional Championships, the demands of the piece, including the need for six first class percussionists has proved challenging in that it has been impossible to borrow the calibre of players required, due to players having commitments with their own bands and the clash of the concert with the Festival of Brass.

    “However, the band will still perform Gregoritas in the near future with a date to be confirmed. The main reason why we decided to postpone the performance is that the band has really come to enjoy the piece which boasts some stunning writing by Phil and if we are going to perform it then it must be played to the best everyone’s ability. I must stress that Phil has been totally sympathetic to the situation and the band very much appreciates Phil’s support and would like to officially thank him for producing such a wonderful work and spending some excellent rehearsal time with the band. I hope some other bands will be encouraged to perform more music by composers like Phil.”

    The concert which takes place with Norfolk Wherry Brass in St. Andrew’s Hall, Norwich will still take place as advertised on Saturday 28th January and the band very much looks forward to travelling to the region.
  2. sounds good guys keep up the work

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    Oh we will! As a test for the band, it's certainly worth the effort.
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    Brave decision to postpone amidst all the publicity, but better that than for it not to come off properly. Hope it will not be too long before you're able to reschedule it, as by all accounts it is a piece well worth the effort, and deserving to be heard.

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