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  1. Liamhorn

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    Tiverton Town Band have for sale a pair of PREMIER TIMPANI (25 "AND 29"). They are in good working order and can be viewed at Trevada Music in Camborne. Delivery can be arranged at a cost to be discussed but for further information, price etc please contact the Bandmaster (Graham) on 07765860782.
  2. shawneuph

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    How much ? copper or fibreglass ?
  3. MRSH

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    Why not post the full details on here if you want to sell them!!!!

    As Shawneuph has asked - How much? Are they copper or fibreglass?

    Pedal or hand tuned?
    How old are they?
    Do they have covers?
    What series Premier are they?

    My band are looking for some timps but Camborne is a fair way to go to find out about them?

    Any further information you can share?
  4. Liamhorn

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    Phone numbers there for more details, that's why number was posted.

    Price is £1500 incl possible at reasonable distance.

    They are pedal tuned
    Leather covers are included.

    I don't know any other information of the top of my head if you have questions please ring the number for more info.

    Many Thanks

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