Prelude, Song and Dance - Sirens?

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  1. In the third movement of the piece, Prelude Song and Dance, the 4th section area piece, the composer asks for a siren several times. I wondered if there was any official guidance on what this is, i.e has the adjudicator been told what to expect to hear? Might not be the best idea for smooth running of the contest if each band lets off the fire alarm!
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    At the recent area workshop convention put on jointly by the ABBA and NABBC, there was instruction on this point from Simone Rebello. A siren is a whistle, I believe also called an ACME siren that you blow and this is what to use for the area, as I understand it.

    Hope this helps

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    We bought a Acme Siren whistle from Ev-entz in Newport.

    Another piece of percussion that will be used once for £24.95?

    But it will be interesting to see what the adjudicators comment if bands do not use a siren or use something other than the intended item.

    Could be interesting to see what is said around the country.
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    The score does say to use either a siren or a swanee whistle, but as has been pointed out Simone did say that in her opinion that using a swanee whistle would be awkward to pick up, use and put down in the time frame before playing the drums again.

    I bought one off of Ebay (new) for a fraction of the cost.
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    We at Wirral Brass have purchased a First World War Air Raid Siren for this. It takes 4 of us to crank it and you have to start half way through the second movement to get it up to speed in time.

    As the adjuducator has an army background should go down well!!!:tongue:

    Blackpool be afraid!!

  7. Oh I want to go to Blackpool now. Will be chuckling when I go and try the piece out for the first time on Wednesday.
    Not heard it yet, is it a "nice " test piece? Sop part looks easy but appearances can be deceptive.
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    It's not that bad at all really.
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    I understand from one local band that they have contacted Normans to obtain the said Acme siren only to discover they are sold out and next delivery not until end April - doubt they'll be selling many then though
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    Now that would be funny...LMAO...:biggrin:
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    Forget Normans! You can buy direct here:

    Far from being blown once and gathering dust in the perc storeroom sirens are used quite often in loads of pieces.
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    LOL, try not to stop the siren though after you've started cranking it up as this breaks them very easily (I've broken two of 'em and it can get quite expensive)
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    Is it Bb or Eb?
  15. Can I change to percusion please, that sounds so much fun!
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    Sorry to disappoint but we have obviously purchased the wrong type of siren. We now need a buxom lady to sit on the rocks and lure in passing sailors.

    Please apply in person to me on the day!!!

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    Sorry Tubah - equality rules prohibit you specifically asking for a lady to fill a vacancy, we can no longer be sexist, ageist or racist in advertising vacancies.

    I am of course buxom and so will be applying for the said position but not so keen on the sailors bit :confused:
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    I'm afraid the sailor bit is obligatory. You may find that the sailors in question would not be averse to your offer!
    As far as the said position goes all can apply so long as the applicant is buxom, good at cooking, subservient and can honestly say that Andy Gray deserved it.

    I await the onslaught of applications.
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    Any thoughts on the way the Rit is taken in the 3rd movement - Dance bars 1,2 also 36,35 and 105?

    The first two are marked "Rit........" over the first bar only - so does it slow down to the end of the 2nd bar or slow down in first bar only and hold tempo in the 2nd bar.

    The third occasion is simply marked "Rit" no dots - any difference?
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    Notice it is marked RIT and NOT Rall.....
    That may give you an idea.