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    Just thought I'd post an update: Elise is currently going home for weekends, and will definitely be at home for Christmas, although she'll return to hospital afterwards. Work is continuing to convert the family home to meet her ongoing needs.
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    What a small world - I presume this thread is about Elise Bresnihan from what I have read...

    Elise's mother Helen is a close friend of my mother-in-law's and you might like to know that a quiz night in aid of Elise's efforts to return home for Christmas was held on Friday night at Elise's old school, Greensward College in Hockley, Essex.

    Over £2,000 was raised as a result which should go some way to helping Elise return home soon.

    Festive musical entertainment was provided by myself (Redbridge Brass), my wife Megan (Alliance Brass), Becky Smith (Bones Apart, ex-Fodens and YBS), Amanda Fitch (Tilbury) and Steve Tomalin (ex GUS).

    Elise herself was the guest of honour and took every opportunity to thank everybody for their generosity. Speech is slowly returning and she has even managed to stand unaided and walk a few steps recently.

    It's a shame I only noticed this thread now - after the event! Still it's not too late - there is a charity account set up to help Elise return home. If anybody would like to make a donation then I can post information, or reply to private PMs.
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    Elise is home.

    For those of you who have been following this thread, I thought you would be pleased to hear that Elise finally came home yesterday. Although she spent Christmas day at home with her family she continued to stay in Southend Hospital until all the work was complete. Needless to say her parents are absolutely delighted and have also expressed their thanks to the many people who have wished Elise well over the past few months. There is even talk of Elise spending a few hours a week back at school.

    What a happy ending!
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    Its been a while since i checked in in this thread for an update. But what fantastic news greets me when i finally do! When you look back and read the whole thread, it must be difficult to even image the roller coaster ride the whole family has been on for the past 6 months. What a brave little fighter Elise has been.

    I'd like to give my warmest wishes to Elise and the family for a happier healthier 2005.
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    Super News and a super special:) :) :) :) from our band to her:-D
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    Read this thread for the first time two days ago, and I am still at a loss for words! Simply, this is a miracle ! :D
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    For those who have been following this thread, you might like to know that Elise celebrated her 13th birthday today!
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    You beat me to it, Tim - she was also featured in the local paper mid-week, acknowledging the help received from the Rotary Club with the necessary alterations to the house.
  9. PeterBale

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    I thought people would like to know that Elise, her parents and grandparents attended the tMP concert on Saturday. She and her parents only stayed for the first half, but they brought her through to the room where we were having our refreshments for her to tell us she'd enjoyed the music.
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    Thank you...

    This is a short note from Elise and her family because we wanted to say how deeply moved we have been by all the messages of support and the prayers that have been posted by tMP members for Elise and to thank every one of you.

    Those few months last year were the darkest we have ever known but to realise that so many people were with us and praying for Elise's recovery was such a comfort and support to us. We sincerely believe that your prayers helped our Elise to make a recovery that even the doctors have described as miraculous and though she has so much further to go she continues to make amazing progress.

    Her determination to get better and be "normal" again (her word) is inspirational and without her strength of charecter and it is unlikley she would have got as far as she has. We are still visiting Great Ormond Street hopsital regularly where they are carrying out investigative tests on her to try and identify the cause of that awful stroke she suffered. At the moment it looks as if she may have a rare blood disorder which could causes clots but if this is so, then at least we will have a reason and may be able to get some form of preventative treatment for her.

    Elise still has to face a further operation to replace a large section of bone in her head. This was removed in an emergency procedure to relieve pressure on her brain the night we thought we would certainly lose her. This is of course a hugely worrying prospect for us but Elise just takes it in her stride as always, She keeps asking her mum "When will I have my head put back..?" and telling us not to worry because it will be OK. She really is an amazing little girl.

    We would also like to say how much we enjoyed the tMP concert on Saturday and having the oppotunity to meet just a few of those people who until now were just names of kind, thoughtful people on this website. Elise had a wonderful time and could be seen "bopping" along in her wheelchair to some of the marches!

    Sorry if this has gone on a bit but there is so much we wanted to say. Thank you again for you prayers and support.

    Helen, Mark, Natalie (sister) & Elise
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    I'm sure you will be interested to hear that the weekend before last Elise went into hospital to have the section of bone replaced. She surprised everyone with her quick recovery, wanting to get straight back to school!
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    What a brave fighting spirit Elise has. :):clap:
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    Just a brief update on Elise: apparently she had a fit at the end of the week, which they had warned could happen if the section of bone was replaced. She was only in hospital for a few hours, and there don't seem to have been any lasting ill effects. She's off to the States to swim with the dolphins in a couple of weeks, and that visit can still go ahead.
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    hope she enjoys the trip;)
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    Let her have as much fun as possible, glad to read that shes doing so well
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    Reveal magazine

    Well she's not quite the cover girl yet but Elise's story is featured in "Reveal" magazine this week (28 Jan - 3 Feb). Elise has been suffering from some unexplained fits recently, including one on Christmas Day, but other than that is getting on quite well and leading a relatively normal life. Good for her!
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    Thanks for the update. In yesterday's evening paper there was a report that she has had her lap-top stolen, with various letters stored on it, together with photos of her trip to the US, which must be quite disheartening for her and the family.
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    Well this is truly a wonderful story and one which should be inspirational to us all. It certainly puts things into perspective, the phone bill can wait another week!.
    Well done.
  19. Elise - an update

    I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread but in the hope that you are we thought that we would just update you on Elise's progress.

    Elise has made a remarkable recovery. She is back at school almost full time now and although she is still partially paralysed, she is able to walk short distances. Her speach has much improved and she really is a very happy young lady despite everything she has to deal with on a day to day basis.

    A few weeks ago, The Stroke Association awarded her their "Life After Stroke Award " for under 18's. This was a wonderfull accolade, presented in recognition of her efforts to return to as normal alife as possible and the example she sets to others If you would like to see the full story please visit

    Although Elise continues to improve, she still needs your prayers and we thank all of you who may remember her from time to time.
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    That's amazing. She's one brave lady. Thanks for the update, it's always nice to get good news. Will be thinking of you all.