Prague - so now we know.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by davidsait, Mar 4, 2003.

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  2. Matthew

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    Interesting :)

    I have to say, as a player of said composition I've quite enjoyed rehearsing it, especially as time went by and I got a good insight into the piece and the intended musical 'pictures' behind the music. The piece is a difficult challenge and requires a lot of concentration to pull off. You have to be on your toes throughout.

    As a listener of the music, I can now hear these pictures and ideas coming through, but if I hadn't have been introduced to the piece first as a player, I doubt I would enjoy it as much.

    I admit to liking the piece far more now <ducks from hails of nails> - it was certainly a bold choice anyway!

    From a bass players point of view, again we had a test piece which had little to really engage and challenge (IMO anyway) most bass players. Yes, it had it's (musical) challenges, intonation difficulties, breathing problems and so on (as most pieces do), but technically there was little to challenge here, again very much like 'Whitsun Wakes' (refer to Bass part here) that was last year's Champ Section test piece.

    From a Cornet/Euph/Sop Players, etc point of view, there were certainly more than a few technical challenges! :) Some of the Sop, Euph, Princ Cornet players, Solo Trom players etc, really had their work cut out :)
  3. rutty

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    Beeston, Nottingham
    I take it you'd like a few hemi-demi-semi-quavers next time then Matt? Maybe a spot of triple tounging on pedal notes? :p
  4. bigcol

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    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Will i get played again?

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