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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by EflatTenor, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Holidays over, going to school...
    I live in a flat, have very nice neigbours who have no problem with me blowing my horn all day, but not before 7 am and after 7 pm (they have children). One problem, I leave at 6.30 am and I'm back about half past six in the evening - half an hour left to practise :( .
    It's all right with them if I play with my cup mute.
    Does practising with cup mute affect one's sound?
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    It is bound to affect it in some way but it is debatable whether it will be in a good or bad way. Have you considered using a practice mute? It may work better than the cup mute as it is designed to assist in practicing. It should help you to develop your sound and strength while at the same time, allowing you to get on better with the neighbours.
    It might fell really strange to start with, but if you keep going with it, you will reap the rewards.
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    Have you tried a sssshh mute. I practice with one all the time. Its great, they've not been out long, but I find it really good and my husband can only hear what I'm playing if he is in the same room - which is good cos he doesn't hear all my mistakes now!
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    Thanks for your replies! :D

    Not (yet) considered the practise mute, what is it like? I've never heard someone blowing with one, nobody in the band plays with it at home. How does it help developing sound and strength? I can't say I've a bad sound, but I'd like it to be better! :biggrin:

    Never heard of a sssshh mute, what does it look like? Is your sound (while not using the mute) different, when you practise at home with the mute?

    I practise about an hour and a half every day, so I'm afraid to get to much used to the mute that it will affect my sound in a bad way. I play 1st horn in a band and want to mix with the other two horns, and I do a lot of soloist-work.

    Thank you
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    Ive noticed I tend to split more notes when I practive with a mute in, but apart from that, I don't think it affects ones sound.
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    SSHHHmutes - designed and developed by Trevor H Bremner - Australian Cornet Champion 2002 - endorsed by Martin Winter and Sheona White (there has been an article on 4 bars rest site). They help to improve tonal quality, develop throat muscles, give accurate tuning throughout the range. They are made of plastic and available at

    Hope this helps