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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Glamorgan, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Glamorgan

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    Does anyone know where I might be able to get something like this?

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  2. WoodenFlugel

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    Hmm I can see why you've posted here, a few quick google searches has come up with nothing. I did see something similar on First Brass' trade stand at the Leicester contest late last year. They were different - moulded plastic with a moulded in plastic leaf spring rather than a traditional valve block like the photo shows (cheaper to make a one piece moulded part) but I'm sure the effect would be the same. It also didn't have the mouthpiece receptor. There is nothing on First Brass's website, but it might be worth giving them a ring.
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  4. brassneck

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  5. wkt

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    I am looking at these on a trade stand at the moment. I am advised you can buy them from Les Neish's website
  6. Laserbeam bass

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  7. brassneck

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    Because the handgrips tend to be sold with different resistance values, it might become an expensive hobby buying them at £12 a pop. The Varigrip is adjustable, so it serves as a good starting point, although I would rate the resistance as light to medium. The eBay link above is probably the best price online.
  8. Glamorgan

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    Thanks everyone, that's really helpful :) I anticipate some strange looks from my colleagues at work when I start using one!
  9. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    I had my annual check up at the hospital yesterday and the hand surgeon is going to trial the use of them for remedial and rehabilitation purposes.

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