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  1. Is there any percussionists out there, who would know where I would be able to purchase a practice kit, not the normal kit, but one that packs away into one suitcase rather than several carrying cases as is the case with a normal kit. We are just about to move our band room, but no storage space at new location, so my kit would be in one hall but we would be practising in another, so am looking to make the moving of kit from one hall to another as easy as possible. Also if you know of such a 'kit' would you also have some idea of cost?
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    Hi Steve
    Theres a few options however I would prob go for the Arbiter Flatts kit, it packs straight into what looks like a cymbal case, I own a drum shop in Harrogate so I could get you one as well.
  3. Iain thanks for replying so quick, can you give me some idea of the cost please?
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    Im not in work today so dont have my price list but I think there around £300 ish. There are cheaperer ones available but the they arent built nowhere nearer as well.
  5. Iain any chance you could send me a brochure? or something that I can show the committee as it's the band that would probably pay for it. If possible please prvt me a message so I can give you my address
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    can find them on ebay too mate...............
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    I have a set of flats which I always use on jobs where we dont dont take a van or tight areas they just fit into the back of the car and real easy to transport. The toms sound good but to me the bass drum is the only down fall, so I use traditional one. Still better than transporting the full kit.
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    Adam plays a set of Traps drums.

    They are probably cheaper than Arbiter and I think sound nicer as they have proper remo heads. In fact, we prefer the sound to his "real kit".

    They are awesome for gigs and contests as you can carry in the frame in one piece, sit it down and play.

    I would thoroughly recommend them but be sure to sit at kit before you buy it as you may feel its a bit low.

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    I used to have a Remo Legero set which packed inside itself (a la Russian dolls) and was very portable. Bass drum was very unstable though and moved easily and I wasn't keen on the single headed tom sound so I traded it for a Premier Heritage Club set


    Dinky 20 x 8 (!) bass drum - double headed kit - sounds BRILLIANT (most people can't people that the kit is that small). All fits in the boot of a Ford Escort. Very light/ easy to move. Not that cheap (about £500 I think for a shell pack) but highly recommended. I use it for most gigs now (big band, theatre work etc) - my traditional kit rarely gets used.

    Flats/ Traps kits seem good when I've tried them (and you can get them really cheaply on Ebay) but the bass drums are again quite unstable (I think one of them comes on a rack system now which would make it much more stable).

    Another really cheap option is to buy an old second hand kit and take the bottom heads of it all so you can pack it inside itself.

    Sorry about the essay - hope this is useful!
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    The traps all comes on a single frame and fits in the back of a hatch with the drums folded down against the frame.

    The bass drum is very stable because of this but does lack a bit of 'thump'.

  12. Thank you all for your enthusiastic replies I will sift through the replies and and take a look at e bay as well--I will let you all know when I have purchased a practice kit Thanks again to all
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    Practice Steve........ Whats that!!!! :clap:

    Make sure the snare is decent so Mike stops complaining!!!