Pots & Pans in the Park

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  1. Staines Brass

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    Pots & Pans in the Park​

    A Musical Adventure Concert for Children
    Staines Brass ​

    Sunday 1st July 2007

    Lammas Park Bandstand, Ashby Recreation Ground

    Bring something to BANG
    A pan lid and a wooden spoon, your own drum or even make your own instrument.​

    Entry to this event is FREE but there will be a collection in support of the band funds​

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  2. Fedman

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    What a fantastic idea. I would love to hear more about what you are intending to do and later to know how successful it was after the event.

    You have somebody in your band who is really thinking!!!!!:clap: :clap:
  3. brassyboy

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    Great, love it!

    If brass bands have a future we have to be more open in our approach and this is an example of such an approach.

    So often all we do is put on events for our existing audience and if we say we listen to what the public want then it is only the public that are attending our events already!

    This looks like a fun enjoyable event that will actually hit the right note! I feel it will provide a good experience of brass bands that could stay with the youngsters attending for many years to come.


    Enjoy! and I am sure you will!

    Please let us know how it goes.

    I expect this is a case of sucking eggs on my part so sorry in advance, but have you promoted it via leaflets to local sure start centres, infant schools, play groups etc?

    The Local Council's Childrens Service will have a network you can tap into so they maybe able to push it into schools via their email system etc. Also please remember looked after children via the adoption service in the council as foster parents often need to find things to do with the children they are looking after.

    I really respect you lot for reaching out to new audiences like this.

    I am sure other bands are doing it too and it would be good to hear how they are getting beyond the traditional brass band following.

    Maybe it is worth a thread in it's own right!
  4. HorniKaz

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    Hopefully the weather will hold out for us this Sunday. Should be good fun. In the process of making maracas!! Its amazing what you can do with an empty water bottle & some pasta (uncooked of course!!!).

    Staines Brass is lucky in the fact that we rehearse in the grounds of Lammas Park & they have just opened a really superb water play area. There have been lots of posters put up around the park, in local shops & pubs & the event will hopefully be put out on local & national radio. Its really a case of introducing local people to the band again.

    The idea is to introduce music to everyone. Most of the music is aimed at kids & even the most traditional pieces are played on rather different kinds of instruments..... Post Horn Galop on hosepipes & funnels. Getting the kids to march & interact with the band as much as possible.

    If anyone fancies coming along & even joining in, all players welcome as we do have a few gaps, please don't hesitate to contact myself, Jasonp, Dan or Staines Brass by pm, or look at our new website www.stainesbrass.com

    We'll let you know how it goes after the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine for us.

    :tup Lammas Park, Staines:tup
    Sunday 1st July 2007 3pm start
    :clap: Be there or be really boring!!!!!!!:clap:
  5. Aidan

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    The cooked pasta would do just as well in our house's case!

    Good luck with the concert, hope to see you soon kaz!
  6. HorniKaz

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    Wouldn't rattle very well though would it?! Be more of a sludgey sound!!

    Hope to see you soon too Aidan :)
  7. brassyboy

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    Hey this is Stains we are talking about with great ideas like holding this event I am sure they could easily find a tune that would work with a sludgey sound!

    Any ideas?

  8. Jasonp

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    Our Pots & Pans gig today was a great success. The sun came out and the the park filled up.
    We handed out a questionnaire and the feedback from the children and parents was very positive with 95% of those who attended would consider joining a youth band.
    We were also asked if we would be organising the event again and some requesting that it should happen 2 or 3 times a year.
    I highly recommend that all bands consider doing something along the same lines. We all need to take on the responsibility of encouraging our youth to take up music.

    I belive the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.................All together now!!!!!! :tongue:
  9. TheMusicMan

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    Brilliant thinking to all at Staines Brass... congrats to you all for this superb success. I hope you go from strenght to strength.
  10. Dan

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    I just want to echo what Jason said about our concert today, Pots and Pans in the Park.

    The band worked hard with advertising the concert in our local area targeting Schools, Nurserys and Mother and Toddler Groups. Additionally we printed out posters that were also displayed in local shops. We were also lucky to have a number of audience members that came from 'Word of Mouth' and some passing trade from our park.

    Click here for a link to our poster

    The sun shone and the Kids loved banging along to our music. One kid came up at the end and said.......

    "Excuse me, why has all the music run out?" :clap:
  11. Simon_Horn

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  12. Maestro

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    I took my 2 stepkids and my daughter to this yesterday. My daughter thinks that anything to do with music is brilliant fun, even moreso now that she has conducted a band on her own.
    The stepkids aren't that interested in 'my' music as they call it, and were not really looking forward to being dragged along. I had prepared myself to leave them in the car if they moaned too much......... and they did.......but the moaning was all based on why was it so short....can we come here again...this is great.......better than playing psp and watching tv.
    When they mentioned the last one, I knew then that they had really enjoyed it. And it wasn't just my kids. I saw every single kids there rattling, shaking or hitting something to join in, and the parents weren't far behind them either.

    Well done Staines, a great idea, well conducted, and thanks for making Sunday more bearable this weekend. :clap: :clap:
  13. HorniKaz

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    Hope it was pan lids they were hitting & not the kids!! :tongue:

    Great to meet you & glad you enjoyed it.
  14. LeDragon

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    Just to echo all of the above, the concert on Sunday was great - absolutely loads of kids there and they seemed to love it (as did their parents!)

    Hopefully more of the same will be organised in the near future.
  15. Staines Brass

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    After the success of last years Pots & Pans, Staines Brass organised the same gig which took place today at the Lammas Park, Staines. The weather was glorious & the turn out was spectacular.

    Pots & Pans 2008 was yet again a great success :clap: