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  1. DaveR

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    I was driving to work today and I was wondering where in the country the worst roads are? The last 5 miles of my journey to the office (through Amersham and Chesham) are littered with potholes at the moment - some of them are really major ones that if you drove into could do some serious damage. (If you were walking and fell into one you may never be seen again!). I'm told that there are better quality roads through the African bush than in Buckinghamshire!

    I've never known anywhere worse than this, but where do you think are the roads to avoid?
  2. Anno Draconis

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    Outside my bleedin' house.

    Manhole covers 2 inches proud of the road......:ranting2:
  3. tubafran

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    Britain's worst roads (reported Feb 2007)

    1. The A12
    2. The M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh
    3. The A30 near Bodmin in Cornwall
    4. The A361 near Glastonbury in Somerset
    5. The M6 along the Birmingham stretch
    6. The M5 northbound between junctions 12 and 10
    7. The A338 between Great Shefford and junction 14 of the M4
    8. The M5 near Bristol
    9. The A525 in the Wrexham area of north Wales
    10. The M74 in the Lanarkshire area in Scotland

    Nothing wrong with the manhole, it's the road that's sunk.
  4. DaveR

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    Interesting, I've never considered these particular roads to be particularly bad! Do you know what criteria they were using?

    I'd agree with that - I hate the M6 anywhere south of Warrington and no matter what criteria is used it has to be one of the worst roads in the country!

    I don't think I know the other roads, although I've definitely driven along some of them (M74 for example)! As I grew up near Wrexham I've probably driven along the A525 many times, I just can't quite place it at present...!!
  5. geordiecolin

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    Have you ever tried driving on a Belgian motorway, which apparently are used by so many foreign vehicles, the tax paid by Belgians is disproportionate to the wear and hence they can't afford to repair them?

    Our roads really aren't that bad.
  6. tubafran

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    It was reported on a BBC News site and is based on a survey of 4000 drivers made by an insurance company
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    It's so nice to be retired :D .....to think in my last position I was driving anything between 40,000 and 50,000 miles per annum. Dread to think what it's like nowadays at busy periods. Can't moan about the roads locally in my area.....it's the drivers I could rant about!
  8. BbBill

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    Argyll and Bute, especially in and around Campbeltown.

    Is there anywhere else in the country that the councils apply stone-chips to the road surface rather than re-tar it?
    Roads flood as soon as it rains, then the council workers just cut tracks in the verges and let water just run into fields as they dont maintain the drains properly?
    And where the workers throw cold tar into water-filled potholes and then run over it to "bind" it in with their lorry wheels? Ive seen potholes 6-8 inches deep in many places.
    They do more work on Sundays than the rest of the week to get their overtime!

    Roads department, gotta love them!

    M8, Glasgow to Edinburgh isnt that bad, surface wise, its just the tailbacks at Glasgow's Kingston Bridge thats the worst!!
  9. onebandman

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    I think the problem stems from the age of the motorway network.
    Many of the bridges and structures on the network that were built in the 60s and 70s now require replacing. To afford to do this the Highways Agency, who maintain all motorways and trunk roads, have 'de-trunked' many A roads and handed responsibility for them back to local authorities. This extra responsibility for quite major roads has put much extra pressure on the budgets of local highway authorities. Add to this ever increasing levels of traffic and ever increasing levels of red-tape and highway authorities are having to spread their budgets more and more thinly.
  10. Robhibberd29

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    I am surprised TubaFran didn't mention it, Sheffield is absolutely notorious for potholes. The roads here are AWFUL, that's putting the roadworks aside plus the damned supertram tracks are a nightmare too especially in the wet.
    The road I live on has been dug up three times already this year (yes, 2008!) and last year not only did we have the road dug up more times than the plants in Percy Thrower's potting shed, I also had my garden dug up too.

    Apart from that, all is good. 8---9---10 :)
  11. on_castors

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    What you describe is exactly what happens in every county in England too! Rural roads are always fixed up this way, and it's not unknown in bigger cities either.

    Only the very major roads and mostly those which are administered by Government agencies rather than councils get more attention, and even then, it's a long time in happening!

    Some few years back, I was shocked to see Sheffield having worse roads than anywhere I have ever been to up to then, or since. (And living in Coventry that was SOME claim to fame!) It was suggested to me that the cost of the super tram system had meant road repairs had been non-existent for some time, not sure how true that was though, nor if things are better or worse now
  12. bigmamabadger

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    There are some truly hogmendous potholes just outside the shops in our village. You have to parallel park, so if you don't hit them going forwards you will going backwards.
    Some of them are so big they have lifebelts ready on the side...
  13. brassneck

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    Is that you in one of them (your avatar)??? :rolleyes:
  14. bigmamabadger

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    That's me emerging from the other end of one. In China...:mad:
    Obviously I had to make a detour through a diamond mine but it was still a ****** big pothole!
  15. Anno Draconis

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    No, but I have driven on what the Bulgarian Government hilariously refer to as the "Sofia Ring Road".


    It's genuinely safer to pull out into the middle of the road (and hence face the oncoming HGVs) than to brave the holes in the road. Roadworks there are also amusingly rudimentary; they strip the top coat off and leave an unmarked 4 or 5 inch drop/rise for a few weeks before coming back to sort it out. Hit it at anything over 15mph and you're in trouble. Plus when roadworks are in progress they are usually guarded by the least useful member of the team with a stop/go sign - for whom, generally speaking, the operation of the stop/go sign comes a distant fourth in importance behind chainsmoking, sipping rakia from a hipflask and yakking on the mobile.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great country and I love it but it's one of the few places I've been which makes me appreciate UK roads when I get back. Of course when I've been to France, (Western) Germany or Switzerland I just get cross :mad:, and don't get me started about the *!£$ing railways.:mad: :mad: :mad:
  16. Anno Draconis

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    Be careful, I'm pretty sure they'd have no compunction about eating badger.

    Of course you could always try to convince them you were a small panda....
  17. Aussie Tuba

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    Found a huge pot hole in Birmingham once , while I was learning to drive.
    it was coming off the robin hood roundabout on the A34 South bound,enough for the whole of the right hand side of the car to drop and burst the rear tyre flatend the brake pipe and also recked the rim of the burst tyre.
    It had been raining and there were no plastic beacons around the spot and the water covered the pothole completly so there was no warning at all.
    Teriffying for a learner driver with his granparents in the back with an EEb Bass on their lap.
    I had my Dad next to me, we changed the wheel and Dad made me continue our jouney, he said if you don't you may never get back behind the wheel again.
    It was big enough to remember some 30 years later as all this happend in the mid seventies.
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  18. MissRepiano

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    Have tripped up in many a pot-hole when marching!
  19. Chris Hicks

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    ya what a waste that is! The stone chips just end up spraying to the outside of the road causing a lack of traction when pulling out from roads!
  20. Will the Sec

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    Typical British! Always whinging. You are TRULY blessed not to have to drive in Georgia, especially outside Tbilisi! :eek: