Post-Pontins Tmp Report

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    Just knocked up a quick summary of my weekend before i forgot it..... Apologies about the fact is badly written but i need to sleep... Pontins Chalet floors are Hard!!
    This is not an exaustive account of the weekend. I have left out certain events due to relevence, the family nature of this site :shock: and upon requests from individuals. Also I have a strange alcoholic haze blurring my memory at the present moment

    Friday – Leave Sheffield at 3.30pm, arrive Pontins 7pm :(. Quick unpack, head to the bar with Pythagoras, Sparkling Quavers and Leisa, there we meet Neil Twist, trying to celebrate his 21st birthday in a most responsible manner. Other Tmpers, mainly from Dronfield join us as they arrive, including; I’m Not a Manc, JamesGamble, Timbloke, and Dronny Babes. Leisa runs into her friend Nick, who, it turns out, is none other than Cornetto. We also run into the un-deniably Ickle, Icklesop.

    Several slowly consumed beverages later, we retire from the Queen Vic, to the big room, where we drink and mingle. Neil Twist, despite telling people that he’s playing tomorrow, still has several drinks purchased for him. Icklesop knocks a Malibu and coke all over me, Sparkling Quavers, free from any playing commitments is slowly and subtlety increasing the number of empty glasses around her. It is now that she makes us aware of the quantity of Vodka she consumed prior to leaving the chalet...

    We retire for the night at about 11.30pm as Sparkling Quavers is struggling to stay conscious! Around midnight get back to the Chalet after carrying a non-stop giggling Sparkling Quavers, around the site. Outside the Chalet she gives up and collapses, hitting her head on the ground. We warm through the curry that SQ has made for us. After being unceremoniously dumped upon her bed, still giggling, she decides the floor would be a lot more comfortable, we put her back on the bed and try and persuade her that the bed would be the best place to stay. This happens several times and she also seems to think using her sheet as a duvet is an inspired move! True to form Neil Twist turns up at the smell of curry and is soon tucking in. SQ is still giggling. And deciding that the floor is more comfortable... A saviour is at hand though, declaring “Geordie, can you give me and Rachel a minute alone please?” Neil moves in and using that Twist charm manages to get SQ to go to sleep, he is actually THAT boring!!. With that, we do too.

    Saturday – Early start, everyone woken by SQ trying to get a drink of water at 7am and forgetting that Pythagoras is asleep on the sofabed, which needs avoiding if the sink is to be reached successfully. In this she fails monumentally! Get up at 8 anyway. SQ gives us all an earbashing for leaving her no curry. We give her an earbashing because it’s quite a distance from the bar to the Chalet... but we stop arguing when she offers up a fried breakfast.
    Lukewarm shower (why are the showerheads so low? Are Pontins chalets designed for midgets??!), dress. Meet band at 10am. Taken around to the tent thing at 10.40am. Taken to warm up at about 11.15am, Register at 11.50. Play at 12.15ish. (Why did we have to report so early? 2 hours hanging around isn’t good for nerves) Satisfied with personal performance, really enjoyed playing today.
    Back to Chalet, quick change and head to the bar. Meet up with Neil Twist, have a few(?) celebratory drinks... get chatting with the North East bands, 5 Rivers (Imthemaddude) and Sacriston (RobertJohn) etc Briefly see Twigglet and RT. Listen to 4th Section results, a bit disappointed not to get 6th, but 7th will do. Meet up with Ellington Colliery to wish them luck. Go and listen to them. Sit in front row and clap loudly.
    Head back to bar. Listen to 3rd Section Results, and then head back to Chalet for a bite to eat and a quick change. It appears we have adopted IckleSop. Head back to Bar for evenings festivities. It is the general consensus that Newcastle Brown (Dog) is the way to go with drinking. Oompah Band are great but I become detached and end up in the small bar talking with Andy_Euph, Midwalesman and Leisa. We also bump into Sellers_Bird briefly. I reach a point where I don’t think more beer can be consumed.... I head back to the Chalet with Andy_Euph, Midwalesman, and Leisa. We sit and chat. Andy_Euph thinks our sofabed is too inviting and makes it his own for the night. Pythagoras has passed out. Midwalesman staggers off on his rounds again... I go to bed. As does Leisa.

    Sunday – Not up so early, awake to find Andy_Euph replaced by Icklesop and Super_Sop who is dressed like he arrived by bi-plane. Watch Rugby, Eat another Fry up. Head over to listen to some bands. Watch Deiniowotsit Band. Clap Loudly. Make my way to the bar to be greeted by Wem Band en masse; they get around don’t they. Euph_Bari and MarkyBoy introduce themselves, as does Dyl. Euph_Bari is a little worse for wear but keeps buying NT and I drinks!! We share the unofficial TMp WHAM! Bar. Twigglet, Big Twigge and Blondie are persuaded to stay late! Though little encouragement is needed.
    Bar is quite quiet (like Big Twigge’s phone) allowing us to chat away. Mini Super_Sop is present, with a semi-decapitated Gingerbreadman. I think I made a friend for life there.....
    Much beer is consumed and much rubbish spoken. Fun is had on the dancefloor by all “Now step to the right, 1,2,3 now step to the left, 1,2,3 now cha-cha!!”. The table resembles a Newcastle Beweries bottling plant (potential sponsor??!) We offer Roger Thorne a TMp signed programme as a future prize, but he politely declines. I become separated, a recurring theme...
    Return to Chalet at about 2.30am. Am locked out. Neil Twist asleep on our sofa. He fails to stir at my frantic window bashing. SQ does though and lets me in. Neil has failed to unfold the sofa bed before falling asleep in my sleeping bag, leaving me with a duvet, some blankets and a hard floor.........

    Feel free to add your own memories, but respect the wishes of people who might not want certain things posted (eg who did or didn't pull etc)
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    hehe, "mini super_sop" and Mrs Super_sop, the family now known as The sopranos!!! says hi :lol:
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    hahaha thats top hehe, i shall be posting all of my (none embarressing) photos probably on friday id really like to see the one fishsta took in the chalet a brill TMP moment (with all involved nearly falling off bed)

    p.s on SQ's side here as the half a bottle of vodka was shared between the two and the majority was put in the fridge n had the next mornin so.........ner!!!!
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    When were you looking at my phone to know that I have a quite quiet setting...I find this quite worrying as I don't remember it at all!
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    damn, saturday sounded good, I was off with blackburn!

    Don't think there's much missed out there colin, not that would be allowed to stay on anyway!

    My weekend was brill, great birthday on friday night, I even had to give drink away (a rare occurance, believe me!), they just kept appearing!

    Not entirely sure what I said to SQ, but I had some curry and a good time, then left for my own chalet and luxry pontins bed, nice.

    I'm not entirely sure what happened on saturday, but I woke up on sunday morning in a random chalet, well, blackburns anyway, that was fun to work out. vaguely remember sellers_sue being there, although it's all a bit hazy.

    WHAM! bars are incredibly tasty! It was also my lunch, that may have been a mistake maybe!

    I'd just like to say a big thankyou to colin for repeatedly punching my hip, thanks! although to be fair I was dead to the world most of sunday evening, may have to ask SQ to fill me in on a few things, like where colins sleeping bag came from, and if I fell off the beer scooter or not!

    as for colin becoming seperated, people were pointing him out to me, but i just couldn't see, not in a fit state.

    Ayway, a good weekend was had by all I hope, I certainly had a good time, and it was good finally putting names to faces:

    Leisa, Roger Thorne, Blondie, Bigge_Twigge, Pythagoras, IckleSop, and the list is endless, see you all soon with a bit of luck!


    ps, next stop tMP social in Manchester!
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    never had a WHAM bar b4 were do you get em - gorgeouse!
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    I recieved a txt 10am sunday morning from Neil asking "Where am I?" Alas I didn't know where he was either.

    Some missed out memories (it's slowly coming back to me):

    Me doing "The Locomotion" By myself, badly.
    Dancing to ACMY................ had to be started by the Twigges???
    The famous 5 drink carry, 3 bottles of Dog, a pint of Smiths, a medium white wine and a vodka coke.
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    How is this an improvement? Just makes her a lightweight drunkard.
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    Here, have another copy of that photo...

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    You broke the page :(
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    Wham bars bought from 'Londis' (the shop there) only 10p...bargin.
    As for the ACMY, guilty as charged!
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    Ian, all I want to know is..

    who's drinking the Blue Juice??
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    ACMY!!!!! i remember that and the cheeky girls :shock: although i seem to remember Big Twigge and I ran away screaming at that point!!! Nick you met colin he was the big tall one in our chally!!! :roll: :p
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    Woz an ace weekend... well what I remember of it anyway. Was really confused and disorientated on sunday morning, had a little voice in my head asking where am I? :?

    Aye Col I was well happy to find a bar that sells the Dog (or Derg as it is in geordie land) but that Canadian lager was a bit iffy.

    Never mind a good weekend away and I shall certainly be going again :D
  17. oh my sweet lord - remember all of that - carnage mate - absolute carnage :guiness

    seem to remember the smiths being mine and you lost half of it when you put (erm dropped!) em all down
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    it was great to finally meet you all, you all looked nothin like i thought!!!!!! cheers for adopting me for the weekend TMP is really just like a big family!!!
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    UVE GOT MY JACKET BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ive got urs hun!!
  20. IckleSop

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    i'll bring it on sat babes xx