Poss "Blow" near Nottingham

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    Hi , i will be at Centre Parcs in/near Nottingham Sept 12th to 18th, back here fri night,am on jungle warfare training,( well bikes and walking) and wont be allowed to practice,in Chalets and was wondering if there was a band near by that would let me sit in for a practiceto keep lip in, promise to sit quietly on back row and do as i am told;) , either pm me or just post on thread,mid week would be preferable, many thanks in anticipation( Long word for sop player)
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    Blimey, you're keen! :shock: I presume you have an understanding partner/friends...

    Sorry this is in no way a useful post, but I was so impressed by your commitment to the cause I had to comment.

    Hope you manage to find a band, but if not, buzz on your mouthpiece and try to enjoy your holiday :)
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    LOL to sitting quietly on the back row and doing as you're told!

    It's good you want to keep your 'lip in' but unfortunately I can't advise you on rehearsals etc as I don't live in that neck of the woods.
    If you feel the need to send me a pm anytime... My name is 'Billy'... you see ;)
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    From the IBEW web site, a list of bands in the Nottinghamshire area.

    Welbeck Estates Brass Band
    Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare Band - Blidworth
    Harworth Brass - Harworth
    Newstead Welfare Band - Hucknall
    Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band - Kirkby in Ashfield
    Long Eaton Silver Prize Band - Long Eaton
    Ireland Colliery Brass Band - Mansfield
    Thoresby Colliery (UK Coal) Band - Mansfield
    Newark Town Band - Newark
    Ransome Band - Newark
    Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Band - Nottingham
    Carlton Brass Nottingham - Nottingham
    Carlton Brass Training Band - Nottingham
    Nottingham City Transport Brass Band - Nottingham
    Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band[​IMG] - Pleasley
    Worksop Miners Welfare Band - Worksop

    There are members from most of these bands on tMP, to name but a few regulars:

    Satchmo Shaz - Long Eaton
    Rutty - Carlton
    Alex Seedhouse - Newstead
    Postie - Bestwood Black Diamonds
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    Blow near Nottingham

    Commitment not the word, got big concert coming up, playing Windows on the World, Orient Express,just for starters, but the people i am going with are totally non banding, and i would need an evening with proper people, to keep sane, but thanks anyway, as for buzzing on mouthpiece, may get arrested for trying to frighten the squirrells :confused:
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    Ah well, 'nuff said :D I hope the lists that were provided in some of the more useful posts do the business for you!

    Easily done......
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    Thoresby Bandroom is about a mile and half from Center parcs. They rehearse Tues and Thurs but I think they are at Pontins, so may be too busy to accomodate your request. Next closest would be Blidworth, busy rehearsing for the Nationals, then it's a toss up between Kirkby/Newstead and Newark/Ransomes if my geography serves me correctly.

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    Lol - very true :biggrin:
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    Many thanks for all who contributed, and the effort put in, un fortunatly due to swimming, badminton, ten pin bowls, walking, eating, and drinking copious amounts of cider, i did not get any cahance to get anywhere near my cornet, i think it was a conspiracy, i said they were non bands persons, but thanks again for effort
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    Well it sounds like you managed to enjoy yourself, the squirrels must be much relieved, nice one! :clap: Hope your lips and sanity held out, and good luck with the concert.