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    Most of us know what it is like to read through adjudicators remarks after a contest. There can be some positive comments made, but mostly, the little slips are pointed out to us. At a concert, we often get people coming to us to say how much they enjoyed the concert, and it is nice to hear these compliments. After all, we play to please people. But it is not often that we have reviews sent to the local paper, by an arts reviewer of a concert performance, so when it does happen, it gives us a real buzz. At a recent concert on 21st October 2006, we had such a reviewer sat in our audience. Eileen Gray is an independant arts reviewer, originally from New Zealand, and she was kind enough to send me her review of the concert that she has forward to a local paper in Doncaster. I was so pleased with her comments that I thought I would share them with you.

    "Tonight the South Yorkshire Police Male Voice Choir made its first (but not last!) appearance in the pine and magnolia resplendence of the Salvation Army Church, for their 29th annual concert. Musical Director PC 3813 Peter Higginbotham, the first serving policeman on this particular beat, kept the gents well in order, even without the use of a baton, as they lent their pleasing, mellow tones to a variety of styles, ably accompanied by Angela Rutledge on piano.

    In Softly (as I Leave You) and She, we were given soft, velvety music to relax by, while hymn tunes and No Man Is an Island (with a fine solo from Maurice Headman) gave us the sacred and lyrical. The Rhythm of Life brought us the perky and uplifting, while the fun of the comic arrived in The Hippopotamus Song and The Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One - a sentiment shared (in spite of the sunny smilt) by any constable who has a nightshift straight after conducting a concert. Rousing numbers like When the Saints always beg listeners to join in, so it was good to finish with a slice of Last Night Proms, complete with waving flags.

    Tonight's guest performers were The Powerfuel Haftield Colliery Band, who alternated their own magnificent programme with that of the choir.

    For Powerfuel, you might read powerful: their Big Band sound threatened to blast through the church's partition wall at times! Shoppers down the road in Asda probably heard the performance, and if they were half as impressed and delighted as the audience by the talent, musicianship and verve of these players, they were very happy people.

    It's not difficult to see why Hatfield Bahnd has risen through the lower divisions, to achieve top league status in the banding world this year, where they compete against the almight likes of Grimethorpe and Black Dyke. No band gets that far without ability, dedication, ocmmitment and enthusiasm a-plenty - plus some sponsorship money. Tonight the Mayor of Hatfield handed over a large cheque for £2000 and promised Hatfield Town Council's continued support. Judging by this performance, both he and other sponsor Richard Budge have already got their money's worth.

    Grahma O'Connor, Musical Director (and would-be comic?) since 2000, with awards as long as his arm both as a player and conductor, was keener than wholegrain mustard to show off his glorious band and its fine young soloists in a demanding programme that offered plenty of foot-tapping and fireworks as in Carmina Burana and Bach's (modern version) Toccata, while The Poet and Peasant Overture and Mambo Caliente displayed some of the band's subtler sides.

    Accomplished, promising young soloists (the trombonist's only 16) tackled challenging fingering and tonguing techniques with John Smith making his euphonium sing in Varied Mood and Donna Ramsden creating a lovely Memory as well as tackling a mightily demanding Stars and Stripes. Then Trevor Kendall demonstrated his wonderful skill on cornet, while Amy showed, more than once, just how far she'll go to get at the xylophone!

    The band's fiery, breathless finale Cossacks left everyone stunned in admiration. Competitors be warned: Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery Band means business!

    Tonight, we had a choir and a band; the audience loved them both.

    Eileen Gray"
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    Its nice when that happens - makes it all worthwhile :clap: