Portugal v England - important development.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Dave Payn, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Apparently the Azzuri have sent information to the English FA about a Portugese conspiracy to get England knocked out in the quarter finals.

    They reckon the Portugese team plan to score more goals than England in the match thus mathematically eliminating the English team.

    Now I don't know how true this is but if Portugal do score more goals than England tonight it will look mightily suspicious, and the F.A should look into it very seriously.
  2. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    What? There's a match on tonight? Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere! :roll:
  3. Well Worth It

    Well Worth It Active Member

    We didn't want to say anything, in case we upset you dyl :wink:
  4. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Yes, it's the European mucus rolling championships from Stoke Poges. England are firm favourites to beat one of their bogey teams.
  5. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    That snot nice :!: :oops:
  6. Boo! Very droll......

    I've heard about this "goal scoring" conspiracy, apparently there are several teams in on this (except maybe Bulgaria). This pollution of our beautiful game should be stopped before we are prevented from winning Euro 2004!!
  7. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    Just to add to the conspiracy I heard that all of the other teams are being allowed one player who can actually catch the ball if it appears to be on its way into the goal. Perhaps the FA might want to investigate this development also... ;)
  8. neiltwist

    neiltwist Active Member

    I think italy have proved that this insane form of cheating can't work!
  9. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    But if it could be made to work just think of the advantage a team would have compared with jumping feet first into an attacking player! Wow... :)
  10. Majoresteve

    Majoresteve Member

    damm them!!
    cant they just play a normal game, then kindly lose!!

  11. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Anyone else think it was actually the Bulgarians that looked like they were rolling over for the Italians in the second half rather than the Danes and Swedes cooking up a plan? Bulgarians had nothing to lose and were well in the game up to half time, then they suddenly stopped tackling in the main and giving away utterly pointless free kicks.....

    In any case, it's a bit rich for the Italian football players to come up with conspiracy theories when their league was in turmoil a few years back over match fixing scandals.

    What galled me was the player (can't remember who) who said that he was sore about going out to two 'inferior teams'. Er, no they're not. The Danish should have beaten them and if you sit on a 1-0 lead you're asking for trouble. Problem is, rather like England (though England have been there for a longer time), in recent years, the Italians have become more of a minor footballing side achievement wise. Everyone talks them up every tournament now, only to erm.... last about as long as England or even less long this time round. At least the Germans know they've got problems of their own instead of blaming everybody else.
  12. Aargh!! Another conspiracy: that referee must have been on commission from Portugal!!

    Those who listened to the radio might already know this, but you can provide Urs Meier with "feedback" on his performances on his official website:


    Constructive feedback only of course!
  13. LU-Brasser

    LU-Brasser Member

    He guys, what's on, Meier is a top referee!! It was a foul in the 5-meter room...

    Why are you searching the faults by the referee and not by the english players? Backham and Vassells shoot aut their penalty...
  14. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Well I am Welsh and I think England were "ROBBED"
    Yes England did not play well in the second half of normal time , played really deep and invited Portugal to score ( I dont think they had any major possession in the 2nd half ) , but if you look Sol Campbell leans on John Terry ( and does not touch the Portugese Goalie ) , it happend against Argentina in France 98 too , I do think the English F.A. complained about the penalty spots before the game , still Beckham should have buried it and scored. I have to say Portugal pens were cheeky and brilliantly taken. never mind got the World Cup Qualifiers to look forward to now..Maybe a bit of payback for England beating the Swiss?? :wink:
  15. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    finally someone with some sense! I've heard every conspiracy theory going this morning... he was getting revenge for the 3-0 thrashing, he was told by uefa to keep the hosts in... blah blah blah... never think of blaming the players for not being able to hit a massive net from 12 yards?
  16. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    I missed the match due to a band rehearsal (got to my folk's house in time for the penalties though) but my dad watched it and said that he thought the referee was one of the worst he's seen. Hardly a decision went England's way and he reckoned Campbell's goal should have stood.

    Tough way to exit England - you wiz robbed!
  17. dyl

    dyl Active Member

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