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    ' Portraits in Brass....'

    Sorry to repeat this one but we have only just got an e-mail from where it can be purchased directly from, so this is an update:

    The concept for this new CD was devised by the international Dutch trumpet and cornet player Huug Steketee and his small recording company Project Audio, which is based in Holland. The first thing that will strike the listener is that this is not a traditional kind of brass band recording. Brass Band CDs tradionally have more than five works on the programme but this CD is one of those rare occasions when the content and exceedingly high level of performance will not only be appreciated by the brass band devotee but also by the wider brass playing enthusiast.

    1. Concerto for Trumpet in A Flat Major (by-Alexander Aruturian)
    Soloist: Peter Masseurs (for this recording a new and not previously heard cadenza has been specially commissioned)
    2. Concertino for Trombone in E Flat Major op4 (by Ferdinand David)
    Soloist: Timothy Dowling
    3. Potrtraits - a new and exciting solo for cornet (by Huug Steketee)
    Soloist: Huug Steketee
    4. Concerto for French Horn and Brass Band (by Edward Gregson)
    Soloist: Jasper de Waal
    5. For Four & Jean-Baptiste - a new and exciting quartet
    The four soloists combine together for this new quartet piece based on one of
    Arban's exercises

    This new CD has the successful Hepworth (Lanson Homes) Band accompanying the soloists - and shows this band at its best when accompanying international soloists

    This new CD is priced at £5.99 which includes p/p (UK price) and is available from e-mail: projectaudio.3539@zen.co.uk
    Thank you

    Chris Helme
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