Porthcawl Anyone??

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Mr_Euniverse, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    So who's up for Porthcawl this year?
    We're there! YIPPEE!!!!
    Who thinks the prize-money doubling for next years 50th Anniversary contest is good for Welsh banding.
    It's a brill idea in principle, although I'm not so sure. It's been the same bands who have stayed loyal to this contest for years. Mainly because it's the most lucrative Welsh contest of the year. 2008 is surely going to attract certain other bands as a one-off entry for a nice pay-out leaving the usual bands to battle for 2nd or 3rd.
    What do you think?
  2. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    We'll be there. It will be the anniversary of my first contest and I will take it in my stride far easier than I did last year.

    Doubling of the prize money is a good idea but perhaps the limitation should be to bands that have competed at Porthcawl over the past five years so as to not get 'certain other bands' entering as a one off for the prize money.
  3. Deano

    Deano Member

    It looks like there's going to be a poor turn out this year, only six bands according to the organisers, only the following bands have entered or are still on the not withdrawn list.

    Burry Port
    Mid Rhondda
    Parc & Dare

    What is happening to Welsh banding I know alot of the lower section bands in Wales would jump at the chance of £1,000.00 first prize. As you have said Mr_Euniverse & Cantonian I expect they'll all want to enter next year for £2,000.00.

    I agree that the six bands that have been loyal this year should have an automatic entry for next year.
  4. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    It is bizarre!!!

    Some Welsh bands are boycotting the local contests because the prize-money is rubbish. And they do have a case in point!

    Why are there only 6 bands in this years Porthcawl contest with £1,000 up for grabs???? Hypocrates!
    OK, with the area coming up and many equally strengthed bands wanting one of the extra 2 qualification places. But surely it doesn't take this long to get Isaiah 40 up to contest level. Or does it?
  5. Hornblower RN

    Hornblower RN Member

    Looks like Mid Rhondda are on a winner for three hundred pounds before they start being the only 1st section band to enter.
  6. matthetimp

    matthetimp Member

    Disgusting turnout from bands. Newbridge would have loved to have gone to this contest even though we are only 2nd section nationally, but championship locally. Band complain about prize money being poor and then when £1000 is on offer for 1st prize they don't turn up! Why not give the Local championship section bands chance to enter? After all they are not there from lack of determination and good results are they?
  7. tinytimp

    tinytimp Member

    So what did everyone think of the contest yesterday?

    Full result (or as full as I can piece together from various conversations) -

    1 - BTM, 192
    2 - Parc & Dare, 191
    3 - Burry Port, 190
    4 - Tongwynlais
    5 - Cwmaman
    6 - Mid Rhondda
    Best soloist - Sop, Cwmaman
    Most entertaining - Tongwynlais
    Youngest player - BTM
    Highest placed non-Champ section - Mid Rhondda (unsurprisingly!)

    I had a great day at my first Porthcawl contest, there were some great programmes and a very high standard of playing generally, not least from all the day's soloists. Personally I thought some of the results could have gone very differently - although I didn't see all the bands - but in a field so small it can't have been a very easy decision for the adjudicator.

    Well done to all who competed yesterday, and let's hope there's a better turnout next year.
  8. jim

    jim Member

    I carnt help but comment on this one, the excuse the arears isnt far away is a poor one, the same was said at anouther local contest a feiw weeks ago in Coleford the arears were 5 weeks away and most the bands avoided it! surley bands can noch up a small 20 min entertainment programe.

    Although this contest seemed to be progressing well untill a feiw years ago when there were some dogy results! think it was 2003?! and theres some bands that havn't ever gone back.

    I agree with your words matt contests needs opening up even bigger prize money ect, Iv always enjoyed when I have played at this contest in the past although I havn't played in the last 2 years!
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  9. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    Dodgy results? Try 2007!!!!!

    What really gets on my nerves is when you play your wotsits off on stage (which we did). You get awarded "Most Entertaining Band" (which we were). You get all positive remarks from the adjudicator (which we deserved)........
    and we come 4th out of 6!!!!!!!
    Mr. Berryman, some sort of explanation would have been nice!

    All of the above brackets are actually based on me not listening to any other band, so I'm not 'getting at' any rival band here.

    But we put the extra work in to iron out the mistakes from Butlins (in which we came 2nd on the same programme) because we were performing in memory of our president Gwyn Evans, whose funeral the band played on the day before Porthcawl contest. (hence the black ties)
  10. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    We also played our wotsits off, got all positive remarks from the adjudicator and finished second. The adjudicator obviously thought our performace rated a couple of marks more than yours in his opinion on that day.

    The adjudicator thought that your programme was more entertaining than the rest of the bands in his opinion on that day.

    Perhaps the only 'cop-out' was that all bands were awarded a prize whether it was a top three place, the most entertaining, the best soloist or highest place first section band.

    I heard Burryport and BTM 'downstairs' whilst waiting to go on and then heard Cwmaman, Ton and Mid Rhondda from the theatre.

    Taking our second place out of the results, I would disagree with all other prizes and placings (apart from Mid Rhondda).....but then I'm not the adjudicator!
  11. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    We were happy with our performance and thought we might pick up the most entertaining band with our performance of 'There's nothing like a dame' actions and all. However, who actually judged this,? previously it was up to someone outside the box, I don't think this happened this year. I will agree with 4br when they keep asking for entertainment contests to be open adjudication.

    I was just happy with the number of people including members of Parc saying how good we played.

    In all honesty, I think Mr Berryman made a basic error in awarding points. I would have thought adjudicators award points on merit rather than just putting them in order come results time, as Porthcawl being a points wins prizes contest. Hence, if your performance deserves 194 it shouldn't alter if a better band comes along next or later.

    My thoughts

    1st band on 190 finished 3rd (Burry Port)
    2nd band on192 finished 1st (BTM)
    3rd band on 191 finished 2nd (Parc)
    4th band on 189 finished 4th (Tongwynlais)
    5th band on 187 finished 6th (Mid Rhondda)
    6th band on 188 finished 5th (Cwmaman)

    If you look closely at the points, when we played last band, we could either win or finish where we did, or come last. Mr Berryman didn't allow space within the points for someone to sneak in 2nd,3rd or 4th. This alos applies to Tongwynlais.

    Last post took too long to edit 5 minute limit didn't know that
    (Edit: Deleted for you, PB, Mod)

    Rant over
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  12. mutedropper

    mutedropper Member

    Why are people complaining about the results, at the end of the day it's one man's decision, whether you like it or not. Just because you play well doesn't mean you are entitled to first prize, I personally thought Cwmaman had won but my opinion was different to that of the adjudicator on the day. A different adjudicator would probably have presented a completely different set of results. As long as you play well you can't do any more than that.
  13. boover

    boover Member

    I agree with you here but I do think people are complaining more about the remarks and the 1 point difference. Being a lecturer myself it's kind of frustrating for students if I give out remarks and comments that are SO positive and complimentary and then they come way down the list. A hint at where we are losing marks is what is lacking here.....

    On a positive note, although there were only a handfull of bands, every one of them put everything into the contest. A few comments I heard from spectators was that it was one of the highest standard entertainment in Wales for a long time.... There is a real battle on now for those qualification places for London in a few weeks which makes for a great contest!!
  14. baribari

    baribari Member

    I agree with mutedropper. although i didnt hear any bands and was on another continent at the time of the contest, i too thought cwmaman had won by at least 4 clear points. just goes to show that one mans, meat is another mans poison/thats banding/one mans opinion etc. if i was adjudicating, none of you would have won. fact. or probably cory would have. so stop moaning.:ranting2:

    tim you have FAR too much time on your hands and i will be contacting your employer.

    superhorny (and mongdropper) - i will be back in cymru next weds to hear you butchering the test piece. someone buy me a pint.

    (this will probably be edited by the TMP Police for being silly)

  15. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    BARIBARI Do you want to come to my Wedding in Las Vegas (not too far from New Zealand) on 27/11/07. You are more than welcome.

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