Porthcawl 2011

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  1. Right guys. Whose going? 4br have said these are the bands so far.
    Tredegar Town
    Tongwynlais Temperance
    Burry Port Town
    Abergavenny Borough
    Markham & District
    Pontardulais Town
    City of Cardiff
    Staines Brass
    Bournemouth Concert.

    See you there people.
    First outing with Cardiff aswell. Bring it on! :)
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    Thats not alphabetical order!

    Or Paddies!

    What order is it??
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  4. I copied and pasted the list of bands of an event page on facebook created by tongwynlais :).
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    sorry to say but Markham have withdrawn.
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    I had my own ideas obviously but I wanted opinions from 'The League' as well, as far as they are concerned it's a 3-way market. As far as Paddy's concerned, can't see past the favorites really...

    Tredegar - 4/11 fav
    Tongwynlais Temperance - 100/30
    BTM - 7/2
    Staines Brass - 50/1
    Bournemouth Concert - 50/1
    Lydbrook - 66/1
    Burry Port Town - 100/1
    City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) - 250/1
    Tylorstown - 500/1
    Pontardulais Town - 500/1
    Abergavenny Borough - 500/1
  7. what about best 1st section band paddy boy?
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    Good question and here's your answer

    Staines Brass - 11/10 fav
    Bournemouth Concert - 6/4
    Burry Port Town - 11/4
    City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) - 12/1
    Tylorstown - 50/1
    Pontardulais Town - 100/1
    Abergavenny Borough - 150/1

    Now, while we're on the subject of Welsh banding can I just say that Paddy's Fantasy Brass Band League is HEAVILY undersubscribed in Wales (just 2 players out of 70). So come all ye Welshmen (and Welshwomen), join the league, have fun. BET-BET-BET-BET!!!
  9. how can i get involved? :)
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