Popular Tenor Trombone Solos and ‘borrowable’ pieces.

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    I’m thinking towards the long term when maybe I might be ‘up to’ offering to do a solo piece with the band. I’d be interested to hear what Trombone Solos are popular with players and/or audiences. A feel for the difficulty of the pieces would be good too and if they were ABRSM grade pieces that could be a bonus later - ’The Acrobat’ is an ABRSM piece and roughly matches the limit of my rather lowly ability :frown:.

    Suggestions please; Tenor Trombone pieces preferred but I’d consider something simpler (in bass clef) for a Bass Trombone too if it can be readily played on a Bb/F instrument. I also don’t mind ‘nicking’ a Euphonium or Baritone piece either but lack of valves does limit what I might reasonably attempt.
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    What level of ABRSM ? do you want a comedy item such as the acrobat or a ballad, or air varie type?

    The Guilmant Morceau symphony published under the title Concert Piece is available from the SA....that is standard around grade 8 now I think!

    Ballad you have something like Stardust etc
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    The Acrobat is a Grade 6 piece, I could offer that now and with a bit of help do a passable performance. In a year or two some grade 7 pieces might just about fall within what I can achieve but realistically years of hard work just don't make up for a lack of talent - many teenagers play better than me :oops:, but I'm please for them and try to enjoy my own lesser skills.

    So that this post might also help others please feel free to list/suggest items of all different types/styles. When I listen to others and play for my enjoyment then ballad's (and other proper tunes) are my first choice but comedy is a fine second choice. Air varie isn't 'my cup of tea' at all.
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    Do you have lessons from a trombone teacher? if not it would be worth seeking one out, and your level would make huge steps forward with a proper practice regime......

    Don't discount air vaie...they have been the staple of bandstands for 100yearsand more....maybe thoughts of love by Pryor think that is grade 8 or so.

    Bill Geldard arranged Stardust for Don Lusher and is available with band parts from Studio music I believe.

    The thing is to find a solo you like, and can work on!