Poor rehearsals for no apparent reasons

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jpbray, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. jpbray

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    As anyone experinced the phenomenon of a poor rehearsal, where the band has obviously worked hard on a piece, and for some unknown reason you and the rest of the band have trouble stringing more than two notes together.
  2. Red Elvis

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    We had one last night - admittedly a few cornets short but everyone else was there.For some reason we just could not get into the groove.MD put some fairly simple stuff up and we were struggling with it - wrong notes , poor entries etc.Not sure why it happened , it just did!!
  3. slayerfang

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    Yes this does happen occasionally - could be a hard week (or previous night!) or even a bit of complacency.
    But what is worse is when the rehearsals go fantastically well, and then the concert/contest is not good due to mass nerves/unforeseen circumstances. It is so annoying when you know you can do it!! At least in the band room there is a chance to improve and put things right
  4. JazzTrom

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    That happened at school the other day .. the conductor got quite annoyed. We're a special elite band formed for a rememberance day service .. and he put some sight reading (that the bubbies in juniour band TWO had been playing) in front of us.

    It sounded Preeeeeetty bad.

    I'm new by the way. Hello! :D
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    It's wierd how it can go. It can be something as daft as the bandroom's a bit colder than last rehearsal. So the bottom of the band's flat, in varying degrees, valves stick, low registers vanish, and for the players, cold does affect concentration as well. Or if your heater's jammed on full blast, then the opposite's true. Everyone goes sharp, and the carbon dioxide clouds your heads so you can't think straight, or count your rests properly.

    If you're missing a couple of ever-presents, that can affect the 'feel' of a bandroom too. But sometimes there's no explanation for it.

    I seem to remember someone posting a thread a while back about 'duff practice syndrome' where you turn up for band and suddenly can't play! Then next rehearsal with all other variables the same, you're fine again! Defies explanation, all of it. :dunno
  6. RonBarnes

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    Poor rehearsals for no apparent reason

    I think we all have days when things just don't go right no matter how hard we try. The right sound just doesn't come out of the instrument. Get a few people in the band on one night suffering the same syndrome and you've got a duff rehearsal. It seems to be catching.