Poor Audience Attendance at Contests

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DublinBass, Apr 17, 2005.

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    I have seen previous threads somewhat dealing with the issue, but I'm extremely frustrated as a potential audience member at the moment.

    I'd like to go to the SCABA Spring Contest next week at the Hove to watch the bands.

    All the information I have been able to find is from tMP, ibew.co.uk and the SCABA Website (which might I add is much better than other area associations and I almost feel spoiled to have).

    So I found out it is an own choice test piece contest, at the Hove Town Hall, Next Sunday the 24th and that the Top Section has been canceled.

    However, before I drive 1.5 hours to listen to I would like to know what time it begins, and how many bands are signed up in each section and how much a ticket costs, so I can estimate what time it concludes. How difficult is it to do that?

    Maybe one of the reasons why audience attendance isn't that good (and this would only be one of several reasons) is because before some of these smaller contests the information isn'tpublicised.

    I know the Spring Festival and Europeans comingup might be a bad example because they are bigger budgeted, but at least I know where it is, exactly when things start and how much it costs. Those are pertinent questions for audience members..no?
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    And the sad fact is that the budget doesn't really make any difference when the contest is not communicating basic information like what time the music starts.

    Poor attendance at any kind of musical event is usually due to a lack of understanding about what people need to know in order to be drawn to the event. It's just like any informational item - there are some basic things that should be included in any announcement:

    WHO - who is playing. If it's a contest and there might be withdrawals, then list the entrants as "scheduled to appear", so you're not actually promising anyone will be there for sure.

    WHAT - Concert? Contest? Something else?

    WHY - What's the purpose of the event? Benefit, annual contest, spring concert, Christmas performance, etc., ad infinitum. Sometimes combined with WHAT, but not always.

    WHEN - As specific as possible. Date and time are a must. If you can't be sure of the starting time, schedule a "buffer" event that you can control and announce the time for that.

    HOW - How do I get tickets? How do I get to the hall? Is there an admission charge? Can I bring my child?

    You get the idea - the announcement doesn't have to cover everything, just the basics. Observe concert announcements from professional musicians and pop acts and copy the elements (if not the style) of those announcements.
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    yeah but i usually don't know those things when it's a contest/cert i'm <i>playing</i> in!