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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by welshraz, Jan 13, 2006.

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    Pontypool Brass
    2nd Section Wales
    4th Section Nationally

    We are looking for front row cornets, percussion and eugh and bari's to help us in our quest for World domination (or the Regional qualifiers at least). We are a up and coming band who hope to build on their success of the last 12 months. So if you like fun and frolicks, come and have a blow and a pint on a Monday or Wednesday evening. If your interested, please contact me at welshraz@hotmail.com
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    Sorry to be picky, but what do you classify as the 'Welsh Region'? Also, from your signature:

    Eh? Indeed! I'm under the impression that the title of Welsh Champion goes to the winner of the Area...........

    Best of luck with your search for players though. ;)
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    Does that look better? Im just off to change my sig as I missed an important word out...
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    If anyone is interested in joining us you can also call the band on 07896498220
  5. welshraz

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    We have a busy contesting year ahead, with our recent promotion into the second section in the Welsh league we are hoping to continue the success of last year. Our first contest is the Regional qualifiers in Swansea where we are hoping to make it to the National Finals for the first time since 1993. Jon Pippen is our MD, and we are lucky enough to also have Christian Sefton as part time conductor and member of the band. We are looking for front row cornets, trombones and percussion mainly, but we welcome any players who would like to join a sociable and up and coming band who like their music as much a their beer! Please email me at pontypoolband@orange.net or call the band on 07896498220

    If you have any young 'uns or even older 'uns who would like to start to learn to play, we also have a junior band which is run by our Principle Cornet player, Adrian Harris with the help of tenor horn extraordinaire, Owen Farr. Please comtact me on the above details if you fit the bill!
  6. welshraz

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    We are still looking for percussionists! If any of you out there love to bang your drum, please give us a call.

    Tel: 07896498220
    email: pontypoolband@orange.net

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