Pontypool Brass Band stopped from competing in local contest by SEWBBA!

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    Thank you Mark, I appreciate what you are saying. This is why no names are being mentioned. I believe a letter is being sent to the association containing the comments that have been made so they can reply to it/investigate further etc.
    I believe that the point of the original poster was to draw this issue to the attention of the wider banding world, not S*it stirring as claimed by Wherryman.
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    I don't know anything about the specifics of this case so I won't comment on it.

    What I will say is this: Local associations too often get embroiled in "them v. us" disputes with bands, sometimes through no fault of their own. What everyone - both bands and association stalwarts - seem to forget is that "them" should be the same as "us".

    Any band which is a member of any local association is entitled to attend meetings, vote, and put its own representative forward for committee positions. How many bands can honestly say that they do this on a regular basis? So far, all the local BBAs that I've ever encountered have had the same people in post for 10-15 year because they are the only ones prepared to do the job. Many of them are crying out for new blood, but the cries are falling on deaf ears.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of this situation, the proper way to get things changed when you're not happy with the way your local BBA is run is to get along to the meetings and get stuck into helping to run it yourself. However, if/when you do, be prepared to give up your evenings and weekends organising contests etc. for no pay or thanks whatsoever, and be prepared to take a load of flak if the slightest thing goes wrong at said contest!
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    I don't want to comment on this case, because, as you say, we haven't heard both sides. But IF it is true that the completion of a form is the only obstacle, for whatever reason, then I can't imagine any reasonable sporting band objecting to a band who won on the basis that they were allowed to complete this form late. How does one gain advantage from such an allowance?
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    Thank you very much for your comments and I agree with what you are saying, particularly about them Vrs us as this is the exact point that Pontypool are trying to make. They are a band that had almost disbanded due to lack of players just over a year ago and have since then turned it around and are looking forward to the contesting year. The association should be supporting them and not making comments about the person who had brought the band on and is very well respected by the players. It is simply unprofessional and was actually very unnecessary, as if the band thought that it was simply due to an admin error they may well have been slightly more acceptive of the situation. Now other things are beginning to imerge and there are many other issues beginning to surface as a result.

    I'm sure that there may well be someone in the band who may well be interested in becomming more involved in the committe, but bearing in mind this current situation it could well be very difficult for them.

    This is no way to be taken to heart by any hard working member of any association; we respect all the work they do and appreciate that without them no bands would be able to contest.
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    @ Joanna Jones
    Have you decided what you will do? Are you going to the Ebbw Vale contest anyway? Are you practising for the contest? Or will you stay put and wait for a last minute decision/reaction/outcome?

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    Hi Rhonda,

    Well we are still very much practising for the contest, the association has spoken to our secretary today and a meeting is going to take place sometime next week. With nearly 2 weeks left I am still hopeful that the SEWBBA will review the decision on this matter as a whole, as this verdict has been made by one man who clearly has personal vendettas against our conductor of the band and in my opinion that is totally unacceptable.
    At a time when bands are struggling to survive in Wales I really hope they reconsider they choice and hopefully SEWBBA will let common sense prevail and allow us to compete.

    Thanks for all the messages of support I have recieved from so many of you via this site and the facebook group.
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    No, please dont. His opinions about everything else are enough.;)
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    I’ve been reading these posts and it sounds like the Wherryman knows what he’s talking about.
    Wherryman, you make perfect sense mate. However it sounds like you already know the decision maker of the association, is this true?
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    Out of curiosity, what exactly is the nature of the missing form?
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    Have representatives of other bands in the section been contacted to see if they would object to a little tinkering with the paperwork?
    How hard can it be for everyone to just work this out in good spirit?
    C'mon guys!!
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    Having played in a SEWBBA Association band for many years until I moved to Devon three years I cannot believe that their committee (or someone on it!!) can be so shortsited enough to not allow a band to compete in a contest that quite frankly needs as many bands as possible to attend, not only to enhance the competition but also the state of Welsh (or should that be South Wales!) banding as a whole. I now play for a First Section band in Devon that due to my influence will be competing at Ebbw Vale to gain experience on the contest platform (be nice if I could beat a few Welsh bands too!!) especially as the contest at Weston-super-Mare is the next day so we can have an enjoyable weekend away. I the committee is going to take this stance I would be glad I no longer play in the area and would not have suggested to my new band that we consider doing this contest.

    I say good luck to Pontypool in their quest and suggest the SEWBBA open their eyes to what is going on around them and think about change for the better may improve the contest!! Please don't think I am having a go at any bands here but we know there are lots of Welsh bands going through or have gone through the mill over the last few years and they need any help they can get to pick themselves up - with this stance SEWBBA who should be helping the cause clearly are not - you have to ask yourselves if they have a hidden agenda!!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the contest, my first one back in Wales for 3 years and especially playing against my old band, Rogerstone - will be be great to catch up with old friends and let us hope that sense is seen and people I know in Pontypool will be there to compete!!

    Good luck guys!! See you there............maybe.............
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    To everyone interested in Welsh banding the last post was written by me and not BryonySnell, sorry about the confusion!!


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    Thanks for your kind words of support Tim.

    We are still hoping that the right decision will be made by the association this coming week in an 'emergency meeting' which is being called. Whatever the outcome is for Pontypool, I really hope that the issue which I have raised will prevent other bands from experiencing this ordeal in the future.
  15. Joanna Jones

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    I would love to know the answer to this question myself, unfortunately as the secretary did not recieve it, I'm not actually sure of its content!?
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    I agree with you, times are hard enough for bandsmen these days, so when we tend to get these "jobsworths" it makes you want to pack it all in.

    Banding is meant to be fun and enjoyable, so what if they did get into the contest and win, I for one would NEVER complain about that. Perhaps I would if Roger Webster was hidden in the back row, or one of the Childs was sneaked through registration, but apart from that, if the band play well and winn...isn't that what its all about? Shame on the association for not being sensible in this matter.
  17. TheMusicMan

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    I have heard that the decision not to allow Pontypool band to participate in the SEWBBA Ebbw Vale contest has been reversed and they now will be able to participate in the contest.

    I have no additional details at this time.
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    :clap: lovely jubbly:clap:
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    Just to let you all know, I am very happy to say the decision has been overturned by the SEWBBA and Pontypool can play in the Ebbw Vale contest. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us by joining the facebook group and for all your kind words of support on this forum, we could not have done this without you all. This has been a difficult time for the band and we really are most grateful to each and every one of you.

    It has been requested by the association that all internet correspondence regarding this matter is now removed, and obviously we would like to respect this wish and as from today the facebook group will be closed and a request has already been made to delete this thread. Thanks again everyone.........and see you in Ebbw Vale!!
  20. TheMusicMan

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    I have been asked to post this official press release from SEWBBA.

    South East Wales Brass Band Association

    7th May 2009.

    At a meeting of the executive of the S.E.W.B.B.A. it was decided to allow Pontypool Brass Band to participate in the forthcoming Ebbw Vale Contest.

    Whilst allowing your appeal I must make it clear that the executive fully backed the Secretary's original decision to refuse entry to the competition on the basis that the entry form was not returned by the closing date.

    You have admitted that you did not return the entry form due to inexperience and the executive have accepted this and felt that the band should not be penalised because of your error and inexperience, but I must make it clear that this excuse will not be accepted in the future.

    As an executive which has been elected by the bands and work tirelessly for the bands we are very disappointed to find that Pontypool Band have publicly criticised members of the executive and made slanderous accusations. This will not be tolerated and will be placed on the agenda for the association meeting in June.

    As an association we look forward to putting this unfortunate matter behind us and seeing Pontypool Band take part at Ebbw Vale.

    Yours sincerely
    Philip Morris.