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    Accommodation page also full of errors (just been on to book some rooms) - two sets of different prices for Club rooms (one should be Classic) also it's the same price per person to book a 2 bedroom (based on two sharing) as a 1 bedroom (based on 4 sharing)- bargain.

    Colin your rooms booked see you at Pontins
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    It also looks like one of the two 3rd section pieces is written by Hawrad Snell.

    Inspires confidence doesn't it......??
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    Maybe they'll launch a competition offering a free chalet to whoever spots all the mistakes :(
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    Kirkless Music. :rolleyes:

    And not forgetting the laziness/sloppiness of not using capitals on:

    monday - friday.
    Central beach
    R.smith & Co.
    R.Smith & co
    Edward gregson

    And thats without getting into if you have a . after R in R.Smith & Co you should use the . after Co. and in S.P.&S. Ltd. both times! Consistency. ;)

    And I've only looked at the one page. Oh dear.
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    Another couple of changes , I have heard another band has withdrawn from the Championship section.
    Also the Beaumaris Band will be conducted by Russell Gray
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    Well we are still going - despite having now started to look at Lorenzo, it is rather 'dated' !!!

    We have a change of Conductor for the day, Jason Glynn is playing so Phil Bailey will be conducting.