Pontins Testpieces in past years

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  1. mattyboysmith

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    Hi, I dont suppose anyone has a list of the test pieces played at Pontins over the past 10 years in every section. If anyone has this information please could they post it. Thanks in advance!:sup
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  3. mattyboysmith

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    the test piece field is coming up blank ? (im looking at 1st section) . Im sure that James Cook was played within the last 10 years in the first section but cannot remember the year
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    James cook Circumnavigator was played first section in 1997
  6. mattyboysmith

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    Cheers mate! thats come in very handy! :D
  7. Nuke

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    Yea lucky i kept me programme from pontins and didnt have to go through all that internet trawling rubbish lark that people had you on.
    It was also played in the championship section in 1981 theres sommat new everyday aye
  8. Terrible Tuba

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    Pontins Test Pieces

    Champ, Salute to Youth, V.E.S Stocksbridge
    1st sect, Belmont Variations, Carlton Main
    2nd sect, Oceans, Berisfords
    3rd sect, Sinfonietta (Horovitz), Eagley
    4th sect, Saddleworth Festival Overture, Milnrow
    Champ, Diversions for a Brass Band, Wooley Pritchard Sovereign Brass
    1st sect, A London Overture, United Co-op Crewe
    2nd sect, Morning Rhasody, Jayess 87
    3rd sect, Music from Kantara, Milnrow
    4th sect, Stantonbury Festival, Bream Silver
    Champ, Pageantry, Tredegar
    1st sect, James Cook Circumnavigator, Jayess 87
    2nd sect, Symphonic Suite, Todmorden Old
    3rd sect, Four Preludes, Pemberton Old
    4th sect, Prelude Song & Dance, Audley Brass
    Champ, Contest Music, Tredegar
    1st sect, Essence of Time, Bathgate
    2nd sect, Main Street, Ashton-under-Lyne
    3rd sect, Music for a Festival, Oldham Brass 97
    4th sect, Patita, Golborne
    Champ, Cloud Catcher Fells, Mount Charles
    1st sect, Variations for Brass Band, Ashton-under-Lyne
    2nd sect, A Swiss Excursion, Oldham Brass 97
    3rd sect, River City Suite, Eccles
    4th sect, Little Suite for Brass No1, Brass 2000
    Champ, Paganini Variations, Rothwell Temperance
    1st sect, Blackfriars, Pontardulais Town
    2nd sect, St Pauls Suite, Tintwistle
    3rd sect, Jodrell Bank, Skelmersdale
    4th sect, Dunwich Sinfonietta, Timperley
    Champ, Diadem of Gold, JAG Mount Charles
    1st sect, Purcell Variations, Peter Hawke Garages Lindley
    2nd sect, Aeronauts, Stannington Brass
    3rd sect, Partita, Langbaurgh
    4th sect, Sirius, Conwy Town
    Champ, Ballet for Band, Tredgar
    1st sect, Overture The Sicillian Vespers, Dobcross Silver
    2nd sect, Sunset Rhapsody, Old Silkstone
    3rd sect, The Land of the Mountain and the Flood, Wire Brass
    4th sect, Pennine Moor, Lockwood Brass
    Champ, Festival Music, Skelmanthorpe
    1st sect, Resurgam, Wrexham Brass
    2nd sect, Oceans, Llanrug
    3rd sect, Music from Kantara, Beaumaris B
    4th sect, Suite; The Seasons, Phoenix West Midlands Brass
    Champ, Dances & Arias, Staffordshire
    1st sect, A London Overture, Wrexham Brass
    2nd sect, The Deep, Barnsley Building Society
    3rd sect, Prelude & Jubilate, United Norwest 2000 Brass
    4th sect, Attleborough Suite, Valley Brass

    Pretty sad hey!

    Typing this really cured my insomnia...:rolleyes:
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    You have to much time on your hands.
  10. Terrible Tuba

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  11. Nuke

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    ^yea i was gonna put all that down but it seemed pointless when hed just asked for one piece.
  12. ju33les

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    Help needed....(a whole £1 coin stands on the answer to this)

    I remember playing Les Preludes in the late 80's in the 4th/3rd section qualifying round at Southport.
    Our bass player Mike says that I couldn't have done as it has never been set for such a low section.
    I still maintain that I did, and that the band I played for (Eccles Borough) got through to the Finals at Prestatyn after coming 5th (ish).

    Somebody out there able to back me up on this one?

    I've tried 4BR but they don't appear to go back that far!!
  13. Di

    Di Active Member

    I'm fairly sure it was a test piece for Pontins, not fourth, maybe third or second? And if I remember correctly, we didn't start at the beginning...

    87 or 88 I think. And the one either before or after was Sunset Rhapsody. I remember that one because our conductor had said we could throw him in the pool if we won, and we did :) but the spoil sports at the pool wouldn't let us. :(
  14. dyl

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    Definitely not 4th - I've had a look through our results page on our website and these were the pieces used for the qualifiers in the 80s:

    81 - Overture to youth
    82 - Doon Valley
    83 - Suite Gothique
    84 - 2nd Suite in F
    85 - Barchester Suite
    86 - Suite for Switzerland
    87 - Simon Called Peter
    88 - Stantonbury Festival
    89 - Partita
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  15. andylockett86

    andylockett86 Member

    1st section Lorenzo
    top section Blitz
  16. Di

    Di Active Member

    I've decided it was '88 as that's the year we left and I'm pretty sure it's the last piece we played with that band.
  17. beckystead85

    beckystead85 New Member

    2005- Champ Section was Three Figures
  18. WoodenFlugel

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    Les Preludes was used in the 3rd section Pontins qualifiers back in the day when there were two rounds - one at Easter and the finals in October. I remember it because it was one of my first "proper" contests with Wigston. For the contest they missed out the opening passage and started where the fanfare-y (is that a word?) theme starts.

    I'm happy to be corrected, but I personally thought it was earlier than that - say '86? I say that because that was the first Pontins I did with the band - I went the year before but didn't play, as I wasn't a full-time member then. I joined them when I was 14 in late 1985 (lol, I just typed 1895 - it feels like it sometimes...:rolleyes: ) so unless I blanked a couple of years of Pontins out it would be '86.
  19. Di

    Di Active Member

    OK, well I've nailed Sunset Rhapsody to 1986 thanks to Google and Burry Port Town Band (Web site of the Month Winners, May 2006 ;) ). I had a feeling it was 1986, but couldn't think of anything between Sunset and Les Preludes. Ah well. :)

    And Les Preludes ... again thanks to Google and this time Verwood Concert Brass. :)
  20. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    OK so I was wrong :( But I definately sat and listened to Sunset Rhapsody so then, what was 1987? Now I've thought about it and if memory recalls correctly it was a piece called Fanfare Diversions by John Golland??? :confused:

    Strange one - a piece I've never heard played or even mentioned since - I don't remember it being that bad...in fact I think I quite liked it at the time.

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