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  1. stevetrom

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    We are supposed to be borrowing a couple of players for Pontins but their band is now going as well (in the same section).

    Does anyone know if we will still be able to borrow them - or can anyone put me in touch with the contest organisers to check
  2. Ali

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    You can borrow up to four players at Pontins. I think the only way that you could borrow players who are already playing is through the rule regarding the deputising of players covering for the sick or injured and have the proper paperwork from a Doctor.
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  3. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    But can we borrow from another band playing in the same contest ?
  4. impycornet

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    Is that not what you've asked???

  5. sparkling_quavers

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    It is ok if they are in a different section. Whether you can borrow from players in the same section that are playing I don't know
  6. Roger Thorne

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    Rules quoted from the British Brass Band Registry Handbook.


    Day transfers will be allowed on completion of an 'Application for Temporary Day Transfer of player(s)' signed correctly by all appropriate parties and must comply with the following:

    a) A band may borrow no more than 4 players

    b) A player, on temporary day transfer for a contest may play for:

    1) The band which has applied for the temporary transfer and has completed the appropriate form to the satisfaction of the contest promoter.

    2) The band with which he or she is normally registered, if that band is competing.

  7. aimee_euph

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    if you want to contact the Pontins brass band officials people, then PM me and i will put you in contact with him. (he plays in my band you see).

    as far as i know, (i think this is right) you can only play with two bands on the day, your own (if they are entered) and one that you are on loan with. If your band is not going then it's only the loan band you play for.

    A band can borrow up to 4 players, but on production of a sick note, you can borrow one (or however many people are sick and have notes) player from that position from the band before.
    solo euph's arm falls off + sick note = solo euph from band before.

    but as i said, PM me and ill put you in contact with him to clear any quieries.
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