Pontins Predicitions?!

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by lottie4744, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Well i see that 4BR have given us (Silk) the "Kiss of Death!".

    As for Bollington, i dont think they are going.

    Am i right in thinking that Bacchus were out at Whit Friday earlier in the year?
  2. Ickle.Hannah

    Ickle.Hannah Member

    as this is my 1st pontins trip an shall be goin on the coach soon i havnt reall heard any other bands so I cannot make a prediction but all I can say is that Newport Borough Brass (4th section) will b tough competition this year! haha c u all there xx
  3. $hytalk

    $hytalk Member

    Hi scoob, it was brass band Berne at whit friday, but we played against Bacchus at Kerkrade last year and they were in the frame - good band!! I've also heard that Bollington are not going.
  4. horn-girlie

    horn-girlie Member

    Nope, bollington aren't going, but its nice to see people including them in the predictions :) good luck to all the bands that are playing though!
  5. kierendinno

    kierendinno Member

    Thoresby Colliery- 1st
    Tredagar- 2nd
    Staffoedshire- 3rd

    Foss Dyk- 1st
    Barnsley Building Society- 2nd
    Marsden Silver. 3rd

    Wakefield Met- 1st
    Kippax- 2nd
    SY Police- 3rd

    Dearham Brass- 1st
    BMB Europe- 2nd
    Valley Brass- 3rd

    Dodworth- 1st
    Oldham- 2nd
    Denton- 3rd
  6. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    My well thought out & heavily researched predictions for Pontins are ....

    Champ Section

    Oh forget it..... my predictions are that there will a vast amount of alcohol consumed, very little sleep for some people & the shop will run out of Neurofen :tongue:

    Wish I could be there :( Feels very strange not going this year. Hope everyone has a fab time & good luck to the competeing bands, especially Hoover :tup
  7. Splitone

    Splitone Member

    EYMS in 4th - you got inside info?
  8. My predictions for Championship: 1-Tredegar
    Dark Horse- BTM
  9. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - I will now lock this thread since the contest has now ended!
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