Pontin's Perc list 1st Section "Resurgam"

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Railybobs, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Railybobs

    Railybobs Member

    As per usual we have been supplied with a list for pontins with all of the equipment that will be on stage when we arrive.

    The list shows 1 x Eb Tubular Bell.

    In resurgam towards the end of the piece, there is a tubular bell scored. But please correct me if I am wrong but it is a Gb in the piece and that is what I intend to play.

    So................ what's he whinging about? Well........ is it a printing error on the list or are we expected to play a blinder and screw the whole piece up?

    Comments please ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  2. tewkeshorn

    tewkeshorn Account Suspended

    Hmm interesting, you could fill it with water and 'tune' it before you start or maybe bring an angle grinder onto the stage and cut a bit off it while everyone else has their semiquaver runs :p
  3. jim

    jim Member

    If its ray pain supplying the percussion (which it normally is) the best thing to do is give him a ring (hes a decent chap) Iv just checked my old part of resurgam and yes it is a Gb! if rays number isnt on the equpment list ring the organisers to get his number and explain what you need im sure he will put a Gb on. :D
  4. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Wish my were playing............................ really like this piece and would love to be taking part.
    Maybe another time...............why does Scotland have to be so far away from banding country????????
  5. Railybobs

    Railybobs Member

    You could move I suppose ! ! ! ! !
  6. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    You could always persuade the rest of the band to transpose their parts down a minor third in order to use the Eb bell provided.

    Figure 22 would sound great and the high D at the end of the solo cornet part would be a doddle.

    Just a suggestion.

  7. Railybobs

    Railybobs Member

    That's a possibility........... But seems it's Eric Ball's Centenery year.... Let's not upset the apple cart for now.

    At least if an Eb is on stage.. All of the percussionists will look plant pots.

    Percussion a very elite club where we all have to do it with both hands ! ! ! !
  8. BeatTheSheep

    BeatTheSheep Member

    Pity it's not an E natural bell supplied, then at least it would fit. It's an augmented / whole tone kind of chord, and E flat won't fit. Surely all the bands will be in the same boat, though?
  9. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    If I were you I shouldn't worry about it. As percussionists always tell me, most adjudicators pay no attention to percussion parts generally let alone the detail. So long as there is a bit of noise that sounds more or less right you will be okay!!

  10. weenie

    weenie Member

    That's always been your style Igg! :wink:
  11. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    Always nice to have style I suppose Weenie!! I know that our percussion section pride themselves on having learnt to bluff from the best- you and Neil certainly are the champs!!

    Perhaps you can explain to me again the skill involved in that most difficult of percussion tasks- laser pen flashing? It may be useful to know if Resurgam has laser pen in it. there was a rumour that the new percussion parts require cardboard cut outs of Peter Beardsley going across the back of the stage- is that true?

  12. weenie

    weenie Member

    I'm afraid that trying to explain the art of laser pen flashing is a very difficult and complex task and far beyond your capabilities. I would stick to hitting ten bells out of the percussion when your on stage, especially when your playing the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.
  13. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    Miaow! :lol:

    I spoke to our over exuberant perc section after their rather loud performance and they complained about some dodgy looking bloke in the audience flashing a laser pen in their eyes!

    Hmm..... It all makes sense now.


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