Pontins 2nd Section Test Piece

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  1. If this thread is in the wrong section, then am sure the mods will move it!!!!

    Can anyone tell me where i can aquire a recording of the 2nd Section Test piece for Pontins (A Swiss Excursion by Darroll Barry).

    We have started to look at in in our band and we have been told that it is a "little" tricky!!

    Apologies to the mods (Di) for my previous post!!

  2. Di

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    Apology accepted.

    It can be bought from Midland CD Club (UKCD) here :)
  3. iancwilx

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    Is there an errata sheet for Swiss Excursion as some dynamic marks that appear on band parts do not appear on the score - bit of a dilemma as to whether to abide by the score and ignore band parts as the adjudicator could penalise a band for not performing the piece as per the score in front of him - what to do ?
    - Wilky