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    We were very fortunate to have Gavin Pritchard (son of our conductor Gareth) playing for us in Pontins, and a very fine performance he played.

    Were in a rather unfortunate position where we only have 1 regular percussionist.
    Some bands in S.Wales seem to plenty of top percussionists just standing around just to play a cymbal in bar 132 and a triangle in bar 234 for example.

    Any percussionist out there want to come and play some good percussion parts week in week out let me know!

    From the bands that I am familiar with inculding ourselves borrow out of necessity. We borrowed 2 percussionists and a Bass trombone out of necessity otherwise we wouldn't be able to go.

    Bringing in a "named" player or two might help the section or probably give the band a boost, but do you believe it can change a bands performance that much?
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    Yes, I'm pretty sure it can. And, if you change the order of your post slightly, I think you answer your own question.

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    Hmm, a bit of artistic interpretation there :)

    My first point is that I guess that most of the "named" players probably had some kind of connection with the bands they played with. e.g Father/Son/sister/friend etc, and helped out. (as any other band person would do)
    I wonder if any of the "named" players were brought in purely on a professional basis to do a job?

    My second point is that I don't think a great player or two out of a band of 25 + percussionists would suddenly turn a midtable band into a prize winning band.
    Certainly not a championship level is it possible for one or two stars to carry a band. The quality needs to be around every stand in the band for a performance to make a noteable presence at a contest.
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    Good question. In fact brilliant question. Given that several of the named players were in principal/solo seats, would anyone be honest enough, and/or brave enough to answer this question truthfully?

    No, I don't think so.
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    Oh no the pontins thread is dying...........
    Noones posting anymore!!!! lol!
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    Yes, It was a damn good weekend. And we didn't even stay on site. Perhaps next year with a Pontin's contest thread, and a Pontin's party thread, it may last a little longer.
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    :confused: Perhaps we could take it off on another course (whilst staying on topic of course):biggrin:
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    What, North East by North West Captain?

    I would still like to have my question answered, regarding players brought in on a professional basis.
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    I see no problems with this at all, if you require a guest, you are going to find the best available arn't you? I'm sure that these guests were brought in to fill genuine vacencies within the band? Personally, I dont see what all the fuss is about!

    In the end, it didn't matter who the bands had on what seats, as no-one really played the piece (no disrespect intended, its a bl**dy hard piece of music! I fully agree with the adjudicators there.) It takes 28 people to make a band, not just a few individuals.
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    I was thinking more "Nor by Nor East!" Until you run out of land and into the sea. I am of the opinion that this thread has expired and the answer to the question (whatever that may be) will remain a mystery into the depths of time until some anorak searching through band records in 200 years time (when all music is synthesized and there are no more brass bands / musicians / competitions) will find the minutes with an accurate record of the clandestine meeting of t` committee (held beneath the hangmans tree at the rear of the bandroom) where the matter was discussed. But by then (as now really) no one will be interested (apart from the anorak!)

    But what a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bon Nuit Mes Amis!!!!!!
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    Why cant you discuss the party and social side of things as well!? That is also part of the pontins experience isnt it?!
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    I agree. When the initial thread started - it was immediately redirected somewhere else for discussion on the test pieces. It nearly stopped there until we picked up on the social side of it!
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    Go us!!!! :clap:
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    It's a matter of priorities. Pontins = Beer + Bands (Please pay careful attention to the order!)
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    This reminds me of the very genuine question asked by my friend as we were making our way to Pontins - 'So Lisa, is there actually a band contest or something going on this weekend as well?''

    I think she had her priorities sorted!
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    Well Lisa, you and Lou could always start planning the "the Torquay 2007 Exprerience". Its about time the areas were livened up a bit!! The Vodka and red Bull should be a bit cheaper too;)

    What colour tights will March bring??????
  17. Lisa

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    Who knows Andy, who knows....? ;)