Pontins 2006

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    so i guess i'll take my sparkly red hat and sing sunshine mountain elsewhere...

    not forgetting stopping on the way to see the boy who likes to conduct...

    but i hope o don't get pontins-itis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah weenie! your a fine one to tell everyone else to get back on topic when you was gonig on about pontinitis!!!!!
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    Chiefy`s song

    ;)I know let`s start a singers forum! Or perhaps an "As I was on the way to / from ..............Contest" thread :clap: Excellent rendition Chiefy. Simon Cowell has been on this morning and I am currently negotiating your recording contract:eek:
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    This was my SON!! lol! He is indeed 4 years old, and has been conducting since for ever, (ever since he started coming to our - The Staffordshire Band - concerts).

    He was in the hall for Staffs performance, but was too busy listening to the band to conduct (he needs to concentrate you know! hee hee), and he also loves watching our conductor do his stuff.

    It was Timperley band that he was conducting, and I was sat next to him listening.

    I have to admit, he is very good, and always conducts the band at concerts etc (always in the audience)...but I don't know where he gets his sense of rhythm from though hee hee (I am a baritone player and his dad is a drummer lol!).

    Thanks for all your kind comments.
  6. He expressed the music brilliantly\!!!!! I was sat watching him from the top row. Brilliance ;-) hehe
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  8. DaveR

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    I admire your stoicism, but the fact remains that even though you gave it your best, maybe some of the other bands did too and their best was better than yours? So if that were the case, would that be classed as being marked down due to interpretation? :confused:
  9. Accidental

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    Thanks Richard! It would have been nice to come a few places higher, but we were happy with how we played, especially off the ungodly number 1 draw, and it was a good first contest with our new conductor. I looked for you to say hello but we must have been in the bar at different times! Maybe Blackpool - fingers crossed.

    Heard all the Welsh bands and felt thoroughly outclassed! Special congrats to BTM and baby Straker :clap:
  10. Accidental

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    There were plenty there Duncan ;)

    Joking aside, what was the general feeling about the number of 'name' players helping out in the top section? On one hand I think if bands can get deps of that calibre then good on them but I couldn't help feeling it was a bit unsporting, especially when the deps were in principal seats. 5 borrowed players seemed a bit excessive to me too.

    And before anyone accuses me of sour grapes, its absolutely not - we never expected to come anywhere anyway, and we had some deps of our own. It just didn't seem quite "right" to me, and I wonder what other people thought.
  11. Pierre

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    We had a guest on second Euph!!
    Yep only 1 dep as we have a vacancy in that seat.
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    The rules are the rules. If they say you can borrow 5 players from the same or a lower section then that's what bands will, and are entitled to do. I've never seen it written any where that you can borrow players provided that they're not on the list of excluded names!
  13. Lauradoll

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    Who was this like? Why get a random trombone player in when you can get Richard Brown eh?
  14. Accidental

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    You've kind of missed my point - and I'm sorry but "the rules are the rules" isn't a very convincing argument. I know exactly what the rules are, and I'm not saying what happened was right or wrong, I'm just asking what other people think about it.
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    why get a random baritone player in when you can get Laura Boyle Esq. eh? tee hee
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    about the interpretation issue - Blitz - our band didn't play fantastic on the day but i get the feeling that even if everything had been spot on our tempos would have let us down (i.e. we wernt goin like **** off a shovel! - i heard 2 bands and i could never have played the speed they were going!) but thats contesting eh?! i didn't hear anyone who came above us (10th) so don't know what the standard was like but if Pennine played like they did at preston then i ain't suprised they won - they had the feel of the piece just right when i heard them then, proper Blitzyness!

    felt sorry for those in 3rd section playin so late. our B band was 1 of the last bands on and im certain it affected their performance. also they said it was really hot on stage, i suppose cos the lights had been on all day it can't be helped, but i could tell they weren't comfortable.

    slightly off topic (i.e. the social side) we had the BEST chalet ever - you know when you come out of the amusements and its freezin, and you wish you were in that chalet right across from it, that was us :D we're gonna try and request it 4 next year!
  17. JR

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    i have - a few years ago the old Rochdale contest used to preclude borrowing from "named" bands e.g. Dyke, Fodens etc
    Pontins have relaxed the rules progressively over the years. I'm totally against star players being borrowed in principal positions - let them sit down the line if absolutely necessary.
    A truly great player won't mind playing a secondary part if for example he/she is asked to play for their "old" band if they are short - when i was MD at EYMS Dave Childs often helped on 2nd euph and was happy to do so.

  18. 1st Position

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    The standard was quite high, though none of the bands (us included) nailed the performance - all of them, and I heard all of the peformances above and around us (we came 5th) had some splits or moments of uncertainty. I wouldn't have liked to be a judge, some very close performances. For once, our comments matched the peformance, and no way could we use the we wuz robbed line.
  19. 1st Position

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    How many of these 'guest dep' players were actually filling vacant seats, or to put it another way, how many players moved to facilitate these borrowed musicians?

    I know of some bands that wouldn't have gone had they not had the option of borrowing players. That includes bands in the championship section who needed the full five, to bands in the fourth section who would have taken up the allocation if a) they could have found available players, and b) if they could have afforded them.

    However, I think that this argument would have carried more weight if it had been raised before the results had been announced, or better still when the rules were sent out several months ago. No one could then have made reference to grapes sour or otherwise.
  20. Lauradoll

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    He he the band were honoured to have me playing- since I was so close to being swept away...........Richard Brown was the only dep we had on a principal seat and a quality one he was too.